The family

So here´s the family so far – I will add more, as the story continues. I have uploaded them to the exchange, so grab them, while they are hot!

The Dust family

They are CC-free and you can use them however you like. Just, um, be kind to them? And if you show them somewhere, where other people can see them, some credit would be nice.

Screenshot-e1  Violetta Dust

The founder. She´s family oriented, a hopeless romantic, a coward, artistic and an animal lover. Tends to paint a lot, when left on her own. A very pleasant sim to play. Her lifetime wish is Master of the arts. Married to Paul, mother of Nathan, Steven and Amber.

Screenshot-e4 Paul Dust

Came out of the wishing well in Lucky Palm, when Violetta wished for love. He´s a natural cook, excitable, clumsy, hydrophobic and has a green thumb. Cooks up a storm and cries after a shower. His lifetime wish is the perfect garden. Married to Violetta, father of Nathan, Steven and Amber.

Screenshot-e5 Nathan Dust

First son of Violetta and Paul. He´s neurotic, excitable, brave, friendly and nurtering, got the additional trait computer whizz. His lifetime wish is Master Magician. My favourite sim in this legacy so far, though his greatgrandson is giving him a run for his money. Was made a witch after he reached his LTW. Married to Joe and father of Kym.

Screenshot-e8 Steven Dust

Second son of Violetta and Paul. He´s a loner, grumpy, family friendly, a bookworm and a virtuoso. Pretty nice guy for a grump, even though he insists on a certain hairstyle when growing up. His lifetime wish is the culinary librarian. Married to Star, father of Pauline.

Screenshot-e10 Amber Dust

Daughter of Violetta and Paul. She loves the cold, is easily impressed, a party animal, a nightowl and dislikes children. A good mum, despite her traits. Her lifetime wish is Five Star Cook. Married to Jaron, mother of Kisa.

Screenshot-e12 Jaron Panther

A babysitter I kidnapped. He´s flirty, a slob, unlucky, family friendly and disciplined, got the additional trait handy. His lifetime wish is Master Acrobat. His flirts with everything with a pulse, and has his eyes especially on Violetta and Amber. Was made a fairy after he fullfilled his LTW. Married to Amber, father of Kisa.

Screenshot-e13 Joe Dust

Steven´s IF made real. He can´t stand art, is clumsy, never nude, friendly and a great kisser. Is addicted to sprinklers, but otherwise a very nice guy. His lifetime wish is Renaissance sim. Married to Nathan, father of Kym.

Screenshot-e15 Star Dust

IF of Amber, made real. She´s brave, a bookworm, a vehicle enthusiast, a hopeless romantic and handy. Got the additional trait animal lover. Her lifetime wish is golden tongue, golden fingers. Her name is a coincidence, I swear. Married to Steven, mother of Pauline.


Kisa Dust

Daughter of Amber and Jaron and a fairy. She´s a loner, disciplined, a perfectionist, a heavy sleeper and fan of the supernatural. Lifetime wish is physical perfection. Her last trait makes her a bit loopy at fullmoon, but all in all a very gentle sim. Married to Liang Yat Sen from China, mother of Shaoran.


Liang Yat Sen

An EA premade sim from China (and thus not on the exchange). He´s neat, handy, good, never nude and easily impressed. In my game his LTW is leader of the free world. Despite not having the athletic trait, he tends to work out a lot. Married to Kisa, father of Shaoran.


Pauline Dust

Daughter of Steven and Star. The poor girl was born in exact the moment her grandfather Paul died. Despite this fact, she´s a very levelheaded sim, if there is such a thing. She´s a virtuoso, a couch-patato, a perfectionist, vegetarian and brooding. She gained the additional traits handy and genius. Her LTW is to become a creature-robot crossbreader. Girlfriend of Jovan, mother of Miles.


Jovan O´Reilly.

He´s good, never nude, charismatic, a schmoozer and a heavy sleeper. I always thought, he was the „unborn baby O´Reilly“ of the O´Reilly family, when you start a game in Dragon Valley. After digging through some old saves, it turns out, he´s not – he´s the son of Fiona O´Reilly, making „unborn baby“ (whoever he is) his uncle. His LTW is golden tongue, golden fingers, which is a lot easier with his traits, than it was with Star´s. Lifelong boyfriend of Pauline, father of Miles.


Kym Dust

Son of Nathan and Joe. He´s excitable, loves the cold, is a light sleeper, can´t stand art and is a bot-fan. He´s also born an IF, which is a bit silly, if you ask me. His lifetime wish is Fashion Phenomenom, which conflicts with his can´t stand art trait, but he doesn´t let that stop him. Falls for the sim with the worst traits in Dragon Valley. His LTW was a lot of fun. Boyfriend of Teagan, father of Fiona.


Teagan MacAnna

A premade sim from Dragon Valley. She´s evil, dislikes children, is inappropriate, a genius and mean spirited. Her lifetime wish is empress of evil. She brings a lot of commotion into a household. Despite her traits one of the best sim-moms I ever had, and also very good with pets. Girlfriend of Kym, mother of Fiona.


Shaoran Dust

Son of Kisa and Liang. He´s clumsy, easily impressed, an equestrian, a bookworm and childish. Got the additional traits artistic and natural cook, has the hidden chinese trait. His lifetime wish is Major Master. A sweet, easygoing sim, who is happiest when he can play with his toys. Apart from that a quick learner and a very good student, making fullfilling his LTW easier than I thought it would be. Married to Macella, father of Beverly.


Macella Gallgher-Sackholme

A result of story progression in Dragon Valley, she´s also somehow related to the Mithrilen clan. She´s a perfectionist, a loser, excitable, eccentric and athletic. Her lifetime wish is monster maker. She didn´t fullfill it, because she was already an adult when moving in, with zero skillpoints in inventing, and a tendency to set herself on fire. Married to Shaoran, mother of Beverly.


Miles Dust

Son of Pauline and Jovan. He´s grumpy, loves the outdoors, is irresistible, clumsy and ambitious. Got the additional traits computer whizz and workoholic. His lifetime wish is to become an astronaut. Grumpy and irresistible is not a great combination – sims normally swarm him because he´s irresistible and then he angers them by being grumpy. Poor guy is never alone. His skin colour is actually a very light blue, which resulted in is daughter being green. Was made a vampire later. Married to Gabby, father of Catherine.


Gabby Ahmed

An ea-premade sim from university. Gabby is a natural cook, absent-minded, family-oriented, a technophobe and has a green thumb. Her lifetime wish is culinary librarian. In my game she´s a vampire. I thought, that a absent-minded vampire would result in her regulary burning herself, but she actually takes very good care of herself. Mothers every pre young adult in sight, and also really gets along with nearly everyone. Sabotages the science station every chance she gets, and then rolls the wish to repair it. Married to Miles, mother of Catherine.


Fiona Dust

Daughter of Kym and Teagan. She´s artistic, clumsy, hot-headed, an equestrian and neat. Additional traits are ambitious and green thumb. Her lifetime wish is to become the empress of evil. A fun sim to play. She tends to incence people when left on her own, but her only real enemy is Miles, whom she beats up on a regular basis. Paints a lot and despite being neat, doesn´t clean up very often. Girlfriend of Eddy, mother of Randolph.


Eddy Mullis

An ea-premade sim from university. He´s a loner, a virtuoso, a perfectionist, a vegetarian and artistic. His lifetime wish is hit movie composer. I found him incredibly boring (sorry). Worst sim-dad ever. Boyfriend of Fiona, father of Randolph.


Catherine Dust

Daughter of Miles and Gabby and a vampire. She loves the heat, is brave, a cat person, a daredevil and an angler. Got the additional trait computer whiz. Her lifetime wish is news anchor. She´s got a real unique look and is fun to play. Married to Isolde, mother of Crystal.


Isolde Dragonfly

She´s a second generation djinn, so not blue. She´s a genius, good, unlucky, a couch potato and brave. Got the additional trait handy. Her lifetime wish is to become a five-star chef. The couch potato is strong in this one, left on her own, she doesn´t do anything than watch tv and play videogames. But she´s also a very gentle sim and tends to cook (very good) autonomously. Married to Catherine, mother of Crystal.


Randolph Dust

Son of Fiaona and Eddy. Took the title of favourite sim from his great-granddad Nathan. He´s a heavy sleeper, insane, a computer whiz, lucky and has a green thumb. Got the additional trait handy. He´s a witch and his lifetime wish is mystic healer. He´s totally unpredictable and I just love playing him. Married to Connie, father of Liam.


Connie Ansari

A member of the Ansari family of Lunar Lakes. She´s a vegetarian, excitable, eccentric, evil and hotheaded. Her lifetime wish is empress of evil. Despite her traits a nice sim to have around. Married to Randolph, mother of Liam.


Beverly Dust

Daughter of Shaoran and Macella. She´s evil, a slob, frugal, dramatic and a diva. Her lifetime wish is superstar actor. She actually got on my nerves. It didn´t help, that I made her a mermaid. She doesn´t have any friends, only enemies, but she actually seems to love her husband. Married to Wigbald, mother of Arielle.


Wigbald Landgraab-Riese

Somehow related to the Lunar Lakes Landgraabs. He´s athletic, frugal, good, a diva and a cat person. His lifetime wish is creature-robot crossbreader. Insists on practicing balett, even if he does look ridiculous. Actually pretty pleasant for a diva. Was made a merman. Married to Beverly, father of Arielle.

Arielle Dust

Daughter of Beverly and Wigbald. She´s neurotic, clumsy, eco-friendly, proper and has a green thumb. Her lifetime wish is vocal legend. Was born a mermaid. She´s a pleasant sim to play, even if she get´s hit frequently with the no-clothes-after-shower-bug. Married to Stoutland, mother of Sebastian.

Stoutland Miller

He´s artistic, a dog person, a couch potato, loves the cold and is a hopeless romantic. His lifetime wish is master of the arts. Left on his own he tends to paint a lot or watch tv. He isn´t my sim but belongs to the Moustachy ISBI. You can download him here. Married to Arielle, father of Sebastian.

Liam Dust

Son of Randolph and Connie and born a witch. He´s absent-minded, clumsy, a daredevil, easily impressed and has no sense of humour. His lifetime wish is master magician. He´s fun to play, I like him very much. Married to Mortimer, father of Scott.

Mortimer Goth

He´s grumpy, artistic, ambitious, disciplined and excentric. Lifetime wish is home design hotshot, but I changed it to physical perfection. Paints a lot, otherwise spends his time training the martial arts and is just delightfully grumpy. Married to Liam, father of Scott. EA-premade, so not up for download.

Crystal Dust

Daughter of Catherine and Isolde, born a djinn. She´s good, loves the cold, is an animal person, shy and charismatic. Lifetime wish is renaissance sim. Charismatic seems to counteract shy, she´s a very outgoing sim. Married to Benito, mother of Storm and Jan.

Benito Bräutigam

He hates the outdoors, is unlucky, irresistable, a schmoozer and an angler. Lifetime wish is robot-creature crossbreeder. Married to Crystal, father of Storm

Sebastian Dust

Son of Arielle and Stoutland. He loves the cold, is friendly, a dog person, a savvy sculptor and a great kisser. His lifetime wish is descendant of da Vinci, meaning to master the painting, sculpting and inventing skill. A gentle, active sim, always doing something. Insisted on having Storm as his girlfriend. Has a time-travel child, Ingrid.

Storm Dust

Daughter of Crystal and Benito and a djinn. She´s a loner, loves the cold, is brave, has a green thumb and is kleptomaniac. Got the additional trait handy. Lifetime wish is master thief. Insisted on having Sebastian as her boyfriend. A friendly, sensible sim. Has a mc child with the time traveler, Luna.

Scott Dust

Son of Liam and Mortimer. He´s neurotic, friendly, family oriented, a heavy sleeper and a virtuoso. Lifetime wish is hit movie composer. Plays any instrument he can get his hands on. Married to Xena, father of Conall.

Xena Marin

She´s flirty, neat, a natural cook, artistic and friendly. Lifetime wish was Jack of all trades, but I changed it to Celebrated five star chef. Gets along with everyone, only frightening them sometimes by turning into a werewolf. Married to Scott, mother of Conall.

Ingrid Dust

Daughter of Sebastian, a child of the time machine. She´s a loner, excitable, a computer whiz, a born salesperson and has no sense of humour. Got the additional trait handy. LTW is Master Magician. Likes to do her own thing, but loves her husband very much. Married to Kosta, mother of Celia.

Kosta Treble

He hates the outdoors, is absent-minded, has star quality, is handy and friendly. LTW is creature-robot crossbreeder. A gentle sim, totally devoted to his wife. Married to Ingrid, father of Celia.

Luna Dust

Daughter of Storm and Emit Relevart (the time-traveler) and a djinn. Loves the heat, is excitable, has no sense of humour, is dramatic and insane. Her lifetime wish is forensic specialist-Dynamic DNA profiler. For some reason I don´t like her that much. Married to Moritz, mother of Andromeda.

Moritz Dust

Luna´s imaginary friend made real. He´s a couch potato, a loser, eco-friendly, hydrophobic and ambitious. Got the additional trait computer whiz. His traits don´t sound good, but he´s alright. Married to Luna, father of Andromeda.

Conall Dust

Son of Scott and Xena, and a werewolf. He´s disciplined, clumsy, rebellious, over emotional and brave. Lifetime wish is physical perfection. He´s a wonderful sim and I love him. Married to Jan, father of Henry.

Jan Dust-Bräutigam

Son of Crystal and Tobie Bräutigam, her former father in law. Which makes Jan Storm´s half-brother and uncle. Really, Crystal! He´s absent-minded, a genie, a light sleeper, has commitment issues and is childish. His LTW is perfect mind, perfect body. He´s fun! Married to Conall, father of Henry.

Milli Dust-Medina

Daughter of Marina and Jake Preston, so actually generation 4 of this legacy, born in generation 7. A fairy. She´s good, friendly, avant garde, has the photographer´s eye and is brave. Lifetime wish is visionary. She´s nice. Married to Guadelupe, mother of Eric.

Guadelupe Earthsong

Son of Ian Nali and Cassidy Earthsong of Hidden Springs. I made him a fairy. He´s excitable, clumsy, never nude, artistic and a dog person. Looks a bit intimidating, but is quite nice. Married to Milli, father of Eric.

Celia Dust

Daughter of Ingrid and Kosta. She´s good, loves the heat, is a light sleeper, a party animal and a natural born performer. Lifetime wish is master acrobat. Married to Luke, mother of Thanatos.

Luke Ransom. He´s flirty, family friendly and charismatic, has commitment-issues and is a dog person. Married to Celia, father of Thanatos.

Andromeda Dust

Daughter of Luna and Moritz. She´s a loner, absent-minded,  an animal person, a natural cook and handy. Lifetime wish is superstar athlete. Married to Franklin, mother of Bryony.

Franklin Weidling

He´s a slob, flirty, a gatherer, family oriented and a hopeless romantic. Married to Andromeda, father of Bryony.

Henry Dust

Son of Conall and Jan. He´s neurotic, a heavy sleeper, ambitious, a coward and a  loser. Lifetime wish is alchemy artisan. Married to Erica, father of Daphne and Laurel.

Erica Brook

She´s a slob, family friendly, natural cook, charismatic and has a good sense of humour. Lifetime wish is celebrated five star chef. Married to Henry, mother of Daphne and Laurel.