202 Dragon summoning

The town is getting laggy, so I did a complete reset.

Bryony: Dang, that was unpleasant. Don´t do that again.

Carol: Right. Or I have to hit someone.

There are a lot of leftover drinks from the party.

Conall: Should I be concerned by the question mark?

Nah, of course not.

Conall: OK, I trust you!


Ronan´s current better half seems to be a bot-fan.

Parenting is hard.

But also fun.

I let Eric summon a friend with Phil.


He summoned Thanatos. I thought, it would be a new friend!

Ah, well.

Julius went to the nectary to throw some more potions. Always a lot of sims there. Wonder why.

The last one. Despite his thought bubble nothing nasty.

And lifetime wish complete.

Milli: … did you just throw a potion at your mother-in-law?

Julius: Yeah, so what?

Milli: Be thankfull, that I´m a nice person.

So. I got bored. I saved everyone to the bin and started a new save in Moonligh Falls with Eric, Julius, Milli, Guadelupe, their new toddler Audris and their dogs.