199 A lot of romance

So, normally when you let sims who are friends wohoo with each other, while touring a building, there are no relationship consequences.


The relationship panel doesn´t show them as romantic interests, but they act like they are.

All of them.


I don´t really care, but I think a mod is wonky.

So Thanatos and the two sisters.

Laurel: Don´t you dare!


Laurel: Seriously? While I´m standing right here?

Laurel: Traitor! My own sister!

Laurel: Nothing to say?

Laurel: Well, I´m outta here. Unbelievable!

(Actually, she came through the door and was just waitingfor them to move).

The kitten is still here.

Julius: What are you all staring at?

Everyone loves the kitten.

So, Thanatos is busy.


Sometimes he´s also working.

So is Daphne.

Bryony isn´t doing much. She´s pregnant now.

Bryony: I am?

Yes. The father is Thirty-three. Thanks, Master Controler.

Bryony: I don´t even like that guy.

I´m bored.

Bryony: Well, thanks for making me sick!

Sorry about that.

I turned jeallousy OFF, but Dany accuses Conall of cheating anyway. He didn´t even do anything.

A potion makes them friends again.

Still, I guess this affair is over.

Conall consoles himself by drawing Isolde. I don´t know, why she´s dressed like that. Must be her workwear.

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