145 Working on lifetime wishes

Milli has the men of the family wrapped around her little finger.

Everyone wants to care for her.

For some reason Moritz and Luna graduate at home.


They still go to city hall, though.

Building logic can be fun!

Random beautiful landscape.

Milli decides to sleep in the fairy house.

Her grandma Kisa is still around.

Sebastian and Storm being cute.

And it´s time for Milli´s birthday!

She rolls avant garde. Never had that before.

She has none of her mom´s colouring, which is a bit disappointing.

But she´s still cute.

Gabby and Miles stay a bit longer.

It´s also Ingrid´s birthday.

She has a private party.

Sebastian tries to read Milli to sleep.

It doesn´t work.

Milli: I´m sooo tired! Read another one!

Sebastian: Help. Please.


Conall has returned to his old weight. I like him better this way.

Everyone is working hard on their lifetime wish.

We have a police car now!

Which I seem to have misplaced in the meantime. Mmh.



A bit relaxation is in order.

Talking to mom.

Also talking to mom.

Anyone tired of landscape pictures?

Because I´m not.



144 Surprise toddler

Luna ages up to adult. She rolls insane. Her lifetime wish is to become a forensic specialist: dynamic DNA profiler.

And of course, it´s Moritz´s birthday, too.

He rolls ambitious. His lifetime wish is professional author.

Here we have adult Luna.

And here we have toddler Milli.

Ok, who´s Milli?

So, I got the notice, that Marina gave birth to a baby girl. I sent Ingrid to investigate. The baby daddy is Jake Preston, who was at Marina´s house at that moment, even if he doesn´t live there. They are not even romantic interests, and he´s engaged to another woman (Emmaline Rhoen). It´s just a fling, I guess?

I kind of don´t like him, and they left the toddler in the snow to wohoo.

So I kidnapped her. Milli is good and friendly and a total cutey pie.

Conall has to brake up with Dany Shue.

Dany is not happy.

Neither is Conall.

In hindsight, I regret this – because at this point I threw my own rules out of the window and mixed the lineage.

Everyone loves Milli.




She´s so cute.



Conall´s lifetime wish is not bound to a job and he wants to become an author. So unlike Moritz, he writes just for fun.

Random picture of beautiful landscape.

It´s Jan´s birthday. Dany is invited and tells everyone, how Conall broke his heart. I´m sorry, ok?!


He rolls childish. His lifetime wish is perfect mind, perfect body.

Rowan´s son Olaf is evil. He steals Milli´s candy!

Marina thinks, it was a great party. She didn´t try to interact with her daughter once.

Kosta also think, it was a great party, but that´s probably because he got some.

Crystal stays a bit longer.

There may be some flirting going on. Sure, go ahead.

143 Lots of snow

Conall aged up last time, so now he graduates!

Sebastian decides to make a snow angel in front of the city hall.

Jan and Conall can´t do very much now, because Jan is still a teenager.

Conall: That´s ok.

Conall also has to yell at Jan, when he places a prank in the shower.

But they can hug it out afterwards.

Yep, looking good.

The massage table is always popular.

Scott plays for Xena. She seems thrilled.

Storm needs some special nanites for her bot-building. So I placed all of them on some community lot.

Sebastian catches them for her.

Hidden Springs is still pretty.



Ingrid has a show.

Kosta helps.

She looks like Zatanna from DC Comics. But with less cleavage.

Kisa is old.

She also lost her husband, Teodor, which is sad.

We make Luna´s IF Moritz into a real sim!

He´s a couch potato, a loser, eco-friendly and hydrophobic, which are pretty horrible traits, but he seems to be a nice sim anyway.

He´s also a face one, so I made him over. Now he looks a bit like a vulcan.

One of his first wishes was to place a stink bomb. I´ve never let a sim do that, so why not?

Sadly, it didn´t do much.

Conall is working out a lot, so he´s really slim now. Don´t know, if I like it.

Playing with the future son-in-law. Perhaps.

Sebastian is at the graveyard for some reason and makes this snowman.

Sebastian: We are all going to die.

Uhm… Let´s go home? There´s a party.

Because it´s snowflake day.

Everyone is having fun.

I don´t know, what Kisa said.

Snowflake day indeed!

142 Snowy Hidden Springs

Winter is here!

So here are a bunch of pictures of a snowy Hidden Springs, because it´s seriously beautiful.








Storm is still working on her bot-skill.

Conall and Jan are having a thrilling conversation about science or something.

Ingrid performs for tips at the festival grounds.

Crystal got old and lost all sense of fashion. Isn´t that cold?

Crystal: Just a little.


Crystal: Much.

She´s really good at ice skating.

Kosta is not.

Kosta: I feel followed.

Ingrid is done with performing and gets to the fun stuff.

Well, yes, that´s… romantic, I guess.

Kosta: I don´t know about you, but I think, I have to get up, if we ever want kids.

Ingrid: It´s all in your mind.

Conall has his birthday.



He rolls brave. His lifetime wish is physical perfection, so he has to master the athletic and the martial arts skill. Piece of cake.

141 Lifetime wishes and birthdays

Sebastian reaches his lifetime wish.

And these are the points for mastering the painting skill.

Ingrid has to work a bit longer on her LTW.

Who´s in there?

Ingrid: One moment. There´s some resistance.


Oh, good, everything is ok.

Storm: You nearly killed me!

Ingrid: Shhh, smile for the audience!

Conall visits the Shue house after school. These are Star and Carlotta.

They are both cute, but Conall is gay. And he doesn´t like Gary. Pity.

His clothes in werewolf form are so hilarious, that I let him keep them.

Conall: Rawr! I´m a dangerous rebellious teenager! Doing the dishes!

You´re cute as a button.

Conall: Am not!

Scott, isn´t he cute?

Scott: Totally!

Conall: DAD!

He gives up and changes back, trying to charm the snake.

Conall: Hehe, it didn´t work.

So cute.

I may or may not have some plans for those two. Is that creepy? … Na, it´s Sims.

Hi Liam!

It´s Spooky Day! And Prom, for some reason.

Ingrid and Kosta spend the whole evening canoodling.


Aand Conall ends up with Dany Shue as a romantic interest. That´s a pity, because he´s nice.

This girl took the „Under the sea“ theme a bit too literaly.

Luna ages up to teen.

She rolls dramatic.

Luna: Too tired to be dramatic.

The niece is older than the uncle. She will live longer though, because she´s a djinn.

And anyway, it´s Jan´s birthday, too.


He rolls commitment issues.