175 Don´t wanna leave the spring ride

Thanatos plays the piano.

Julius: How… how? Children are not able to do that in the Sims 3.

Thanatos: It´s a mod.

It´s a good one. „Children can„.

The girls are a good combination of their parents. Laurel has a lighter skin, the eyes of her dad and her mom´s hair.

Daphne has Erica´s skintone, her eyes and Henry´s hair.

Hi, Andromeda!

Conal wanted to visit the town. A lot of people show up.

Adriana Busch-Espinoza is due to age up in a few days. I think, her genetics are awesome, but she has no kids. Well, now she will have one. I completly forgot, who´s the dad, though.

Erica gets abducted.


This always amuses me.


Erica is not amused.

Eric and Julius being cute.

Laurel being grumpy.

Henry lets her ride on the spring ride.

Henry: It´s time to go inside.

Laurel: No.

Henry: Aw, you´re so cute. Let´s go now.

Laurel: No.

Henry: No?

Laurel: Don´t wanna.

Henry: Come here, kiddo.

Laurel: *pout*

She forgets about it a second later. That was so fricking cute.

Later she plays in a puddle.


Daphne? Yeah, there´s also Daphne. Sorry.

Yep, it worked.

It´s Daphne´s and Laurel´s birthday.

Yes, you´re also cute.


First Laurel.


She rolls genius.

And now Daphne.

She´s now a technophobe.

Daphne: The TV scares me.

Poor child.

Adrienne will be a good mum.

174 Snow in Sunlit Tides

Eric and Julius try to find a romantic location…

… because they really want to get married. Proposing first, of course.


Marriage a bit later.

Conall is all over his granddaughters.

He´s now younger than their dad, but no one cares.

Sunlit Tides is a tropical island, so I probably shouldn´t let it snow.

But it´s so pretty!






Laurel can walk now.

This is one of the best pieces of CC ever – the toddler napping mat from modthesims. When they are tired, the toddlers will go to sleep there autonomously, the parents can tuck them in, and best of all, they are not trapped like in the cribs, which means, when they are fully rested, they just can start their day on their own. Brilliant.

Henry loves his children.


I think, Silvio is absent-minded.

Silvio: What am I even doing here?

There may be a birthday or two.

This is interesting, because I moved Andromeda and Celia out (because my game was getting really cranky with the overstuffed household), but when I clicked on the cake to age Bryony up, her mum picked her up anyway. She still has the highest relationship with her, so that may be the only deciding point.

I´m happy about it.


Serious case of cross-eyed.

This is better. She rolls shy.

There was also a cake for Thanatos, but it got too late, so he ages up on his own.

Aw, that´s sweet.

But a bit narcissistic, so…

Still no hair. I love, how his ears stick out. He rolls good sense of humour.

173 Some more babies

The fixer-upper car is very popular.

I kinda forgot about Eric´s birthday.


Middle age made him loose his hair.

Eric: Um… would you be so kind?

Here you go.

Eric: Thanks!

I´m not sure about this bathing table. Bryony looks kind of posessed.

This is better.

Let´s have some birthdays!

Dany is an elder now.

First Bryony.

She´s cute!

Olaf´s son Silvio is a teenager already.

And now Thanatos.

He got his mum´s (and grandpa´s) hair and the ears. So cute.

Everyone tends to the toddlers.

Bryony inherited her eyes from her grandpa Moritz. It looks quite striking.

Learning stuff.

Celia performs for tips. The audience consists of one. Perhaps it´s the rain.

Doesn´t really matter anyway, because she´s just here to complete her lifetime wish.

I downloaded a mod from modthesims that gives toddler more things to do, like playing in puddles. Can someone take the kid inside?

Too many sims in the household results in glitching toddlers.

It looks cute, though.

Kind of.

Ah, it´s mostly ok.

Let´s add another one!


I don´t know, how Henry ended up at the graveyeard at night, but it´s hard for him.

Hi, guys!

And hello, little witch!

We have a costume party for some reason.

Luke really seems to like Celia´s outfit.

I moved him and Franklin out. Celia and Andromeda will follow when the kids age up.

Sunlit Tide in the rain.


Conall has a slim phase. He´s kind of like the moon.

Conall: I´m very atuned to the moon.

Yeah, well.

So, I have no pictures of Erica giving birth, because I was kind of in shock.

This is Daphne. She´s a loner and a genie.

Thanatos seems to be happy about the new company.


Yeah, and here we have Laurel.

I think, it was my fault. I let Erica have a romantic massage at the massage table, while she was pregnant. I didn´t know, it gives a fertiliy moodlet, increasing the chances of twins and triplets.

This one is observant and a heavy sleeper.

Laurel is a doll, though. All toddlers are cute, but she´s really cute.

Well, we´ve got some stuff to do.

172 Some babies

Someone got invited to a party at Dany´s and Marco´s house. Henry takes the opportunity to throw potions at people.

Henry: He will kill me and I´ll never have children.

Olaf: I would kill you, man, but I´m too tired right now.

He sleeps standing up for a while.

Later he falls down. It was pretty hilarious.

Franklin and Andromeda plan the next generation.

Those two won´t be having children for a while, but they can start practicing.



Erica has her adult birthday.



Andromeda gets her notice.

So does Celia.

Time to be cute pregnant women.




Henry´s last potion.

And he took a potion himself earlier, so the points get doubled. Neat.

Some Sims are beyond help. I left her like that.

It´s time already.

They go to the hospital.

And come back with a little girl. Bryony is absent-minded and brave.

Celia has still a little time.

But she practices a bit by taking care of Bryony. Andromeda thinks, that is awesome. Julius does not.

And she goes to the hospital as well.

Little Thanatos is a heavy sleeper and clumsy.

Conall reaches the end of his lifetime. This won´t do.

I intended this to be the last potion for Henry, but for some reason the fountain of youth causes him to reset, and I didn´t want to mess up the fullfilment of his lifetime wish. So…

Conall is now younger than his son, which is a bit awkward.

Conall: I didn´t consent to this.

Well, too bad.