100 Cake Island II


So this is chapter 100. Yay me, I guess.

I was totally fed up with Isla Paradiso and EA-worlds in general, so I downloaded a world from the exchange. This is Cake Island II by Rflong7.

It´s pretty awesome. I have been playing with create-a-world, and actually have one working world, but this really made me ponder about my effort.

Every lot is custom made. I especially like this little pond/swimming pool.

Here we are. There´s a godzilla right next door.

Everyone is behaving like usual, though.

So this is part two of my plan for Miles.

I love how gentle sim vampires are with their lovers, compared to how they treat aquaintances. Although poor Miles looks frightened.

Gabby: You sure about this?

Miles: Y-yes…

Gabby: Here we go!


Seems to hurt.



Miles: Guh.

Gabby: Yummy!

Miles: And now we wait?

Gabby: Yes!

Miles: Okay, in the meantime, let´s make out!

Gabby: Totally.

I built a lot just around the corner for the ghosts.

Everyone is present and activ on this fullmoon night.


Occasionaly my sims bake autonomously something they can´t eat, like a birthday or wedding cake. They are pretty angry when that happens.

Miles seems to be increasingly wary of the sun.

I could not not take this shot.

This is a cake with no limitations. Isolde made it.

Arielle: It´s really tasty, but I´m not that sure about the flames.

I made a point to feed Miles only really nice food during his transformation days.

Liam: That´s an excellent idea!

He has to resort to juice packages in the future, after all.

Gabby: They are totally tasty.

You are not very convincing, you know.

It´s time!







Miles: I´m feeling pretty well, actually.

Vampire Miles looks a bit creepy. I moved him and Gabby out that night, not because of creepyness, but because I needed the room.

Have a happy undead life out in story-progression land!

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  1. Yay! Congratulations to 100 chapters – I have to confess I’ve lost track of the individual backstories somewhere at chapter 53, but I still love your dedication to every single character.
    To another 100 chapters.

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