192 Collecting evidence

I found out, a private eye can take things for „evidence“.

Are your going to take that potty? It looks very suspicious indeed.

Thanatos: Don´t be ridiculous.

*swipes wall light*

Ah, yes, I see. Or don´t see, it´s kind of darker now.

Thanatos:Important evidence.


Daphne has her adult birthday. Time kinda flies.


Thanatos tried to flirt with Eric. He doesn´t seem to be into it.

Eric: I´m a married man!

Aren´t you are always flirting with Sixty-Nine?

Eric: That´s different!

… Whatever you say.

Of course, it´s also Laurel´s birthday.

Isolde turned into an elder when I wasn´t looking.

Doesn´t seem to bother them, but my elders only have 20 days and Catherine will be an adult for a lot longer.

Julius has to throw potions anyway.

For some reason, youth potions always reset the sim throwing them in my game, so I don´t now, how Isolde looks like now. I will have to return to sort her clothes out.

191 Licking pizza

Sixty-Nine ages up to adult.


Carol: I´ve got handcuffs now. I think, I will invite Rian over.

Conall: … this is some tasty food.

Daphne reaches her lifetime wish.

Brown horse: Just thinking about myself.

Black-white horse: Move! I need to catch my train!

Brown horse: No! You can´t pass!

Black-white horse: You will be a ghost soon.

More investigation work.


Hi, Catherine!

It´s a costume party. Carol was wearing this hideous mask, so I changed her outfit.

It´s less dancing and more foot stomping.

Carol tests the handcuffs . (Rian is in the criminal career. I really need to move him in.)

Bryony ages up. I had hoped it would un-glitch her, bit it didn´t.


She still can do stuff.

It´s also Thanatos birthday.


And a full moons night.

Sixty-nine: … this is really disgusting. Why are you licking the pizza?

Carol: *growl*

My sims know how to have fun.

190 The pink flamingo

Carol has obviously Conall´s nose.

But her face shape is different, also her eyes. A very good combination of her parents genetics.

Conall: Of course she is! … You really think, she has my nose?

Pretty sure.

(That´s Mortimer Goth´s nose, who´s Conall´s granddad).

A new case, this time for ELIZA. Something about a flamingo.

But first, Thanatos tests the merry-go-round, that I got as the daily deal and placed at the junkyard.

Seems like a good idea.



ELIZA seems to be doing her own investigation, she scans Julius. I don´t think, he would have nabbed her flamingo.

Following a hot scent.

Main suspect: Rudi Holden-Gallardo. He´s an elder now.

That´s his son. That´s some not so successful combination of genes. Sorry.

Milli knows something.

And case closed! The flamingo is saved!

Thanatos was standing right at a club and wanted to try a drink, so here we are.

I brought Sixty-Nine over. (I really have to give him a proper name).

They are an odd couple. They never roll any wishes for each other, the only thing they do together is wohoo.

I also brought Conall, because why not. The club is a bit empty, but he´s having fun.

189 Breaking and entering

I´m having a blast with Thanatos lifetime wish. Here he´s getting a new case.

He has to search for clues in Olaf´s mail. Olaf is the emperor of evil. And he comes home early.

Well, this is awkward.

Olaf: Thanatos. Can I help you?

Thanatos: Olaf! No! I´m good! Just, um, some mail of you was in our mailbox. Here it is! I will be going now.


He doesn´t seem to suspect anything. Perhaps we can search the trash can now.

Yeah, that´s a problem.

Thanatos: I can´t reach it.

It´s right there!

Thanatos: I´m a sim.

We can´t break into the house with Olaf in it. Let´s go home.

The next day, Thanatos picks his first lock.

And finds the clues! Case closed!

So, Gabby and her daughter Catherine are dining at the bistro. At different tables. They are both vampires.

A lot of ghost activity.


Daphne seems to have offended Thanatos somehow. He decides to turn her into a toad.


Thanatos: This will teach you!

What did you do?

Daphne: I don´t know!

Well, Julius has to throw potions at people anyway. I always forget about his lifetime wish, and just treat him like a live-in maid.

Julius: I like cleaning.

I know you do.

188 Rekindeling of romance

Thanatos job as a investigator lets him visit all kind of places.

He speaks to Misty about a case. I have to say, Dany and Marco do not seem to be a very good combination, concerning, well, looks. Sorry, Misty.

I never knew, you could sit on the fountain.

I brought Jan´s urn back in the house to see, what would happen. This is nice.

Nothing like taking selfies with your dead husband on a full-moon´s night.

There´s a nectary in town. Daphne is quite enthusiastic about it.


You do you, Carol.

She looks quite sharp in her uniform.

Jan is out again.




They are taking it slow.


Of course, I knew about shower-wohoo. I did not know, that a sim can „hop in“ with an already showering sim. It´s quite funny.



Carol and Conall meet Silvio and Rian at the local gym.


Conall ends up training Rian. Perhaps to give him a chance.