158 Invisible performer

Shaoran likes to meditate even in death.

Speaking of death, I added Storm back to the family, because she will die soon. She seems to be having fun, though.

Storm: No time like the present.

Celia starts her career and performs for tips.


There´s also graduation.


Jan and Conall have some fun in the hot tub.


What were you doing while I wasn´t looking?

Conall: Totally none of your business.

Jan: Also, that would be telling.

Storm doesn´t seem to be very fragile.

Conall and Jan are stir crazy, so they go on a date to watch some invisible performer.

Jan: It´s so good!

Conall: Really awesome!

Guys, there´s no one there. At least, no one that I can see.

Jan: She´s kind of right.

Conall: Let´s make our own entertainment.


Jan: Nice transformation.

Conall: Thanks.

They spent the rest of the show smooching.


Back at home, Conall reads Eric a night time story.

It even works.

The next day, Conall is human again and plays with the chicks.

Afterwards, he helps Jan to fulfil his LTW.

Jan: Last night was wild. Let´s do that again.

Conall: Alright.

157 Birthdays and fairies

I took the board-breaking thingy away, because everthing Conall does in his freetime is breaking space rocks, and there are gems everywhere. Now he spends all of his time with the training dummy. Sigh.

Luna prefers videogames. Moritz likes to watch her play.

Jan doesn´t really know, what he likes to do.

Jan: Huh?

Never mind.

Eating is always an option.

Of course, there are other fun activities.

There´s enough place in the household, so Milli, Guadelupe and Eric move in for a while.

Playing peek-a-boo.



Henry ages up.

He rolls coward.

Henry: The world is a dangerous place. I want to hide somewhere.

He´s now afraid of his dad doing laundry.

Jan: Seriously?

Nah, just kidding. There was a ghost.

Guadelupe and Milli seem to be very happy with each other.


Sims are all for gender equality.

Learning about rocks.

Here are some big ones.



We have some potions lying around.


He got the bumblebee wings! Cute!.

Time for Eric´s birthday.

I hope, he´s not a clone of his mom. He loves the outdoors, is artistic and now rolls perceptive.

Adriana shows up in her werewolf form. Nobody seems to care.

Storm stays a bit longer.

Which is a good thing, because Andromeda and Celia age up, too.

Celia wants to become a master acrobat, so I give her natural born performer. Andromeda rolls handy. She wants to become a superstar athlete.

I forgot to take „after“ pictures. Whoops. Well, they don´t change that much.

156 Butt on fire

Random landscape pictures (again), because pretty.


Conall wanted to do some inventing. Something went wrong.

Uhm, Conall?

Conall: Mmmmh?

You don´t think, something is… amiss?

Conall: It´s a bit warm in here, now that you mention it.

That may be, because YOUR BUTT IS ON FIRE!


Conall: Maybe I should go outside?

Conall: It´s a beautiful day…

It may be your last one, because, you know, butt, fire?

He finally gets it.

Conall: Aaaaah! Fire!

Conall: Aaaaaaaaaaah!!

Stop staring and get inside!

Conall: Don´t push me.

Turn around!

Conall: I can´t! I´m a sim!

Conall: You could have helped me out there, you know?

Well, I would have. Eventually.

One sim saved, but another is lost. Ingrid dies of old age.


She doesn´t want to go.


Kosta is heartbroken.


Poor guy.

The girls go to prom and score themselves some romantic interests. Both are face ones, so I gave them some more intersting genetics.

This is Andromeda´s RI, Franklin Weidling. I combined Rowan Orange (to finally get some of his genes) and Evelyn Kwon (a former paper girl of Hidden Springs). He looks cute.

And Celia´s RI, Luke Ransom. He got Adriana Busch Espinoza (the pretty werewolf I didn´t know the name of) aaaand… the Grim Reaper (he was an option, what do you expect me to do??). Also cute.

While the girls went home, they stayed and did their homework. Ok, then.

On the left is Bianca Shue-Riverhawk, who I really would have liked to have in the family. Funnily enough, she´s gay, but my girls are not.

And it´s time for Kosta to go.

I guess, he´s eager to see his wife again.

Grim stays for a bit and does some laundry.

Thanks, I guess?

Goodbye, Ingrid and Kosta.

155 No to faceclones

Celia, Andromeda and Henry discuss the uses of band-aids over breakfast.

Kosta and Ingrid have a duel on the front lawn. In their sleepwear. Why not.

Don´t know, who won.

Random pretty landscape.

Celia ages up to a teenager. She rolls social butterfly. Never had that before!

That´s a proud dad in the backround. I got rid of the hat, though.

And Andromeda ages up, too.

Jan: Didn´t we just have a birthday?

Yeah, well…

Aand that´s a faceclone, right there.

Not anymore! Thanks to mastercontroler. I didn´t realize until much later, that she lost her green eyes in the process.

She rolls natural cook.

Randolph broke the tab. Thank you.

Hi, Milli! Is that maternity wear?

(It is. She and Guadelupe had a little boy, Eric.)

Marina is there as well.

Luna reaches her lifetime wish of becoming a forensic specialist – Dynamic DNA profiler.

Jan´s banshee banisher got an upgrade.

Being a ghosthunter really makes your sim look cool!


Conall really likes Jan in his outfit.


Celia gets stuck in the schoolbus for a minute.

Celia: This is really inconvinient.

I really want to go to that spa.


Luna trains Moritz in ballet.

Luna: Up with that leg! Up, I say!

Moritz: I´m trying!

Kosta and Celia are very close.

These kids really have to stop blowing themselves up.

This is little Eric, Milli´s son.


Andromeda rolls her lifetime wish of superstar athlet out of the blue (non of her traits fit), so she starts training. It´s hard.


But she´s determined!

Two teenagers in the house means pranks.

Jan takes it pretty hard.

Jan: My hair!



Jan: They will pay!

Just take another shower.

154 Chess and unicorns

I bought that  bathing tub for babies and toddlers, so let´s try that.

Not bad, even if Henry insists on wearing a cap.

Jan meets a unicorn on his way back from hunting ghosts.

It really seems to appreciate the gifts.


Jan is good with animals.

He seems to have told Conall about it.

Conall: So, you met a unicorn?

Jan: Yeah, I had to jog quite a long way to where it was.

Conall: Ok, you won´t like this…

Conall: Checkmate, lover!


Sadly, I didn´t catch it, but he wiped the chess pieces from the board to the ground!

Jan: *Silently swearing*

Conall: Ok, what just happened?

Conall: Well, I guess that ends our chess game.

Jan: You bet!

Ingrid has a show.


I send Kosta to watch. No clue, why he showed up in his pyjamas.

Andromeda visits Bianca Shue-Riverhawk after school. Everyone in that family seems to be in the military.

Andromeda makes up her own amusement.

GAH! Conall! Your baby!

Conall: Mmmmmh?

It´s a monster!

Conall: Whatever are you talking about?

… I think, it´s time for his birthday, anyway.



Seems like Miles turned into an elder (again). Time flies.

Henry rolls ambitious. He looks a lot like Conall, but he doesn´t have his nose.