157 Birthdays and fairies

I took the board-breaking thingy away, because everthing Conall does in his freetime is breaking space rocks, and there are gems everywhere. Now he spends all of his time with the training dummy. Sigh.

Luna prefers videogames. Moritz likes to watch her play.

Jan doesn´t really know, what he likes to do.

Jan: Huh?

Never mind.

Eating is always an option.

Of course, there are other fun activities.

There´s enough place in the household, so Milli, Guadelupe and Eric move in for a while.

Playing peek-a-boo.



Henry ages up.

He rolls coward.

Henry: The world is a dangerous place. I want to hide somewhere.

He´s now afraid of his dad doing laundry.

Jan: Seriously?

Nah, just kidding. There was a ghost.

Guadelupe and Milli seem to be very happy with each other.


Sims are all for gender equality.

Learning about rocks.

Here are some big ones.



We have some potions lying around.


He got the bumblebee wings! Cute!.

Time for Eric´s birthday.

I hope, he´s not a clone of his mom. He loves the outdoors, is artistic and now rolls perceptive.

Adriana shows up in her werewolf form. Nobody seems to care.

Storm stays a bit longer.

Which is a good thing, because Andromeda and Celia age up, too.

Celia wants to become a master acrobat, so I give her natural born performer. Andromeda rolls handy. She wants to become a superstar athlete.

I forgot to take „after“ pictures. Whoops. Well, they don´t change that much.

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