183 Egypt

It´s summer. Let´s go on holiday!

To Egypt!



I send them to the market place and let them do whatever they want.





Thank you, Laurel.

In the night  it starts raining.



Still drizzling in the morning. Doesn´t matter, let´s go sight-seeing.






For some reason my game decided to send Guadelupe as a tourist to Egypt as well.

Doesn´t matter, a good opportunity for Eric to catch up with his dad.

Guadelupe leaves at some point and Eric starts playing the violin.













Meanwhile Carol is eating a whole grilled lettuce.

It´s probably healthy and stuff.

Carol: Crunchy.




The next day there´s some more exploring.


Julius and Eric test a sarcophagus.



Grilling some more lettuce.


And other stuff. Do you intend to eat this all yourself?

Thanatos: Yes.

Whatever. It´s the last evening of the holiday.

182 Some important birthdays

Onko playing in the sand.

Carol visits Rian after school. While he´s still doing homework she chats with his dad Silvio.

They play a game of catch. I never saw that before.

Carol seems annoyed, that she couldn´t catch him.

I like Silvio.

Oops, kinda forgot the twins birthday. It´s kinda an important one.

Daphne rolls loves to swim. Her lifetime wish is Renaissance sim.


Laurel rolls flirty. Her LTR is Illustrious author.

Graduation day.

Some confusion after the ceromony.


For some reason most of them decide to swim in the fountain.

No, that´s not a swimming pool.

Well, these two prefer to flirt a bit.


Moar flirting.

And some routing issues. But seriously, I love that picture.

Thanatos remembers about space.

Erica is an elder now.


Silvio seems to love this game.

Conall seems embarrassed.

Conall: Really should be able to catch a fairy.

They are actually best friends. Don´t know, how that happened.

Carol ages up.


She rolls loves the outdoors.

She looks a lot like her dad, but there´s nothing wrong with that.

Laurel plays for Henry.

I send Julius to the graveyard to gather some tombstones. He meets the whole Earthsong-Dust family.


Is that pretty or creepy? Can´t decide.

Milli and Guadelupe still seem to be very happy.

And some landscape.

So, generation 10 are all young adults now (Carol is actually generation 9). But I continued to play, so…

181 Losing a lot of people

Laurel contemplates charming the snake.

Eric has to write something for his job.


These three are best friends.

Pictures of beautiful Sunlit Tides.



I saw this weird cloud.


It seems to be a stuck ghostbuster event. I reset the lot but it didn´t do anything. It was gone the next time I started the game, though.

Hi, Celia!

A random face-one paparazzi. She now has some alien DNA.

Nothing against a bit of flirting.

Okay, that´s enough. You´re both still teenagers.

Carol´s first transformation into a werewolf.

She enjoys it very much.

I gave Dany and Marco´s kiddos some learning equipment.

Talking to Onko.

And Misty.

Rian came home from school with Carol. He´s tired and asks for a bedtime story. Cute little evil boy.

It´s a party! But not for Laurel.

Bryony and Thanatos are having their birthday. Thanatos has to leave midway because of his job at the cemetery. I forgot to have him take a day off.

Pretty girl. She rolls friendly. Her LTW is the tinkerer.

I hope Celia will stick around until her son comes home to have his birthday.


Well, this is unexpected.


She´s ready to go, though.


Yeah well. Happy birthday, Thanatos.

He rolls socially awkward. I kind of think, this is a trait that should be given a child or teenager, but well.

He wants to become a Pervasive Private Eye. Never done that before!

Andromeda is the same age as Celia, so I send Bryony to visit her parents.

They are living in a cute little house.

Talking to their daughter isn´t top priority.


Andromeda runs off to work after a while and Franklin also leaves the house, so Bryony returns home. There I get the notice, that Andromeda died.

Eric sets himself on fire while working with metal.

He doesn´t run to the shower on his own, so I order him to.


Eric: That was unpleasant.

Glad I saved you?

Eric: Yes!

Bryony visits her dad again.

He´s sad.

So she trys to cheer him up a bit.

He then walks to the beach…

… and plays in the ocean.

Then he just vanishes and I get the notice that he died. He wasn´t on a lot, so Grim never showed up.

Poor Bryony.

She´s not upset though, because her parents weren´t part of the played family anymore.

Thanatos´ dad Luke also died. I wanted to visit him, but it didn´t work out.

Goodbye Celia and Luke.

And goodbye Andromeda and Franklin.

180 A lot of ghosts

Last pictures of toddler Carol.



It`s her birthday!


Ugh, no. Who clothed you?

I kind of have no picture of her make-over.

She rolls brave, by the way.

I sent Julius and Eric to the cemetry, because they were stir-crazy, and they ended up on a date somehow. Doesn´t mean, they have to stick together it seems.

Hey, Liam!

Oh, hi, Violetta, long time no see!

Sight. Fainting because of your own eldest son? Really.

Hi, Nathan!

Hi, Jaron!

Hi Connie and Fiona!

Hi, Jan! A lot of ghosts are out tonight!

Conall wants to visit the festival.


Marina wins. Wouldn´t have guessed that.

So here we have Rowan, who has wings, and ELIZA, who hovers in the air.

They still manage to fall down. Sims.

Dany and Marco are amusing themselves at a little beach.

No, I don´t think, that´s a good idea.

Marco seems to be a bit out of it.


But he´s happy about the nooboo.

That can´t be comfortable



They ran off after kissing for a while.

I let Conall check them out the next day. And added some baby cots. Also, I didn´t write down the babies names. I think, the girl is called Misty.

Yes, the girl is named Misty and the boy Onko. I don´t know where my game gets this names from.

They seem to be good dads, all in all.

Eric reached his lifetime wish. He´s now a star news anchor.

Here we have Rowan´s great-grandson. I did not write down his name. Gah, I´ll have to change this. His name is Rian Kahale-Grünberg.

He´s cute. Also, evil.

He and Carol became friends really fast.

That´s a husband settled, then. Only in the Sims.

179 Aging up and down

Luke and Celia are flirting in the garden. Must be a party.

The twins are aging up!

Laurel first. She rolls loves the heat.

Now Daphne!

She rolls excitable.

Eric: I´m not sure about the hair. And the shirt.

Conall: Will you change that, please.


I gave them the same hair for their formal outfit.


Hi there, Franklin!

She does look a bit creepy. But cute.

I love it, when werewolves do „the claw“.



Laurel brings this guy home from school. I forgot his name, but they get along very well.



Isolde throws a party. I send Conall, to check out the house. Isolde, Catherine, Miles, Gabby, Erica and Henry live here.

Of course everyone gathers around irresistable Miles.

It´s a big house. Enough room for everyone.

Henry is an elder now. This is really weird.


Miles and Gabby, the cutest vampire couple ever.


I decided to let Conall throw a youth fountain potion at Dany. He reset. What´s wrong with this potion?

Back again. Dany hasn´t moved. Probably shocked.

But not for long.

Conall seems delighted.


While the two are canoodling, I age down Dany´s husband Marco with mastercontroler to avoid more resetting. They are also now both pregnant with each others child. (I think, I´m a bit bored).

Bryony goes to the consignment store for some reason. In front of it, Rudi is playing ball with his wife. Have some random pictures.



Bryony ran off while I wasn´t looking and started playing in the water.

Now I want to go on holiday.