132 Raising the dead

For some reason, everyone insists on cooking their own food, instead of eating perfectly fine leftovers.

Storm: I want cake!

Sebastian: Pizza!

Stop making food!

Kosta has his birthday. He rolls friendly.

His lifetime wish is to become a creature-robot-crossbreader, so he gets a job at the science facility. He will move out for a bit, I need some space in the house.

But first, graduation!

Everyone is having fun.


And an alien abduction before he leaves. No danger of a baby, because he´s a witch.

The winter gnomes really like the ice cone machine. I sell it anyway, because the whole family eats nothing else. At least, they are not cooking anymore.

I like this umbrella.

Xena is feeling unwell.

But not for long.

Liam maxed the spellcasting skill. So we are doing some experiements…

I grab some random townie´s headstone from the mausoleom and place it on the ground. Liam casts the spell to raise the dead.



You´re kind of worrying me there, Liam.

Liam: Eheheheh! It´s dark magic! I have to cackle manically!

Well, ok then.

Zombie alert!

Ok, now we have a zombie.

But there´s some other spell…

The sunlight charms brings her back to life!

And she´s gone. No need to thank us, or something.

Don´t know, where she got that car. I kind of totally forgot her after this, but if there´s a sufficient powerfull witch in the house, you don´t have to fear fatal accidents. Good to know!

131 Doing the laundry

For some reason Mortimer decides to collect some dirty laundry in the middle of the ocean.

His needs are really low, so I reset him, but he does not return home, instead he materializes on the little island with the ship wreck, his needs still way down.


But as a sensible sim, he takes a water taxi to the shore.

Then he pulls out his batmobile and drives home.


And he´s back!

For some reason Liam does exactly the same a few days later.

He tops it though, by walking on water.

He´s right at the edge of the map.

I tell him to return home and he does. Don´t know, what that was all about. Probably a glitch.

The teens always do their homework autonomously.

Ingrid is always the first one to finish, but Kosta doesn´t seem to mind.

They go to prom together.

Nothing really happens.

Sebastian wants to have a wizard duel, so he has one with Liam.

It´s pretty spectacular.

Even if it is in the bathroom.




Liam wins. He should, he mastered the skill. But you never know.

130 A tale of wohoo

I don´t know, why I took this picture. Did you reach the top of your career?

Storm: You should know that. I feel neglected.

Sorry. Uhm. That outfit really suits you.

Storm: Too little too late.

Kosta feels rebellious and wants to egg a house.

He promptly gets chewed out by Mortimer. I make Mort forgive him, so he can go to school.

Ingrid: Well done, boyfriend!

Kosta: Uh, thanks?

They are both good kids.

So, I set wohooer to autonomous wohoo every 12 sim hours. I have three couples and three double beds.

Sometimes they collide.

Scott and Xena are the lucky ones.

Sebastian: They are totally in the way!

And you may totally want to give them some privacy? Maybe?

Storm and Sebastian decide to use this bed. So do Mortimer and Liam.

Well, Sebastian is a bit tired, so he takes a nap instead.

Mortimer: Wait, what?

Storm: Hehe, wohoo!


Mortimer: I actually don´t believe this.

Liam: Let´s take the other bed?

Mortimer: I guess.

Mortimer: Because Sebastian is in the way!

Liam: Get over it.

Storm: *punches the wall in frustration*

Liam: I´m kinda tired. I think I´ll sit down a bit.

Mortimer: Wait, I thought we would use the other bed.

Storm: No, I want to use the other bed.

Liam: Well, I´m here. Now what?

Mortimer: Don´t rush me, I´m an old man.

Liam: Nah, I think I´m hungry now.

Mortimer: Get your behind in this bed!

Liam: Why, what do you want to do to me?

Mortimer: I´ll show you!

Meanwhile, Storm is still waiting for Sebastian to wake up.

Storm: We will have so much fun in that bed!


Sebastian: I´m awake. Gonna eat something now.

Storm: You can´t be serious!

So what can a frustrated sim woman do now? Go to sleep and dream of cats!

All sim actions where autonomous. I just watched and laughed.

129 Into the future

So, we are traveling to the utopian future.


Emit welcomes everyone and gives Sebastian some task to collect dew.


He seems to be in a really good mood. (In fact, he´s high. Every sim here has a dew problem.)

The sight is breathtaking.

Perhaps a bit bright.


Sebastian does the dew collecting.


The first night is a fullmoon.

Fullmoon nights seem to do things to Xena (apart from turning her into a werewolf).

Everyone is constantly throwing dew. So Sebastian is green now.

Ingrid is blue.

So is Storm.

Kosta and Ingrid go on a trip with the hover train.


Kosta finds some gold at the end of the rainbow.

But the main reason they are here, is, to make this relationship official.

First kiss.


And some more kissing.

Scott and Sebastian go fishing to catch some special fish (another task). They mainly get rainbow slugs, which are pretty.


These colours are something else.

Another night, another plumbot…

Kosta wakes up early, goes to collect some dew and gets arrested by the robot police.

Then a red Scott shouts at him, which he doesn´t understand.

I don´t know, what is up with these people.

I got fed up with the constant dew-throwing and the resulting high sims, so we went home. I should try the dystopian future at some point.

128 Cake on fire

I add Kosta to the family and make him a witch.

He will age up soon, and I want to give him a bit of a headstart (meaning, he will have to do some mad skilling).

He hates the outdoors, is handy, has star quality and is obviously absent-minded. I like him, he´s a very mellow sim.

It´s Ingrid´s birthday. She spends the last minutes of childhood throwing hoops with Rowan.

I guess, Kosta is kind of happy, that she ages up.


Ingrid: I feel a bit warm.

Kosta: Your butt is on fire!!

Xena + Scott: Yay, birthday!

Everyone else: Uuhm…

And now, panic!

Mortimer: DO something!

Liam: Stop panicking, I´ve got it!

Storm: *Calculating trajectories*

With two brave sims, I can just watch. They have it in hand.

Storm: Phew!


You look a bit upset, dear.


Shower, then?

Ingrid: Please.

Off you go!

And the fire departmend arrives. At least, they don´t fine us.

Next try. One of the fire fighters stays, to prevent any more disaster.

No fire this time. She rolls computer whiz.

Like what you see, Kosta?

Kosta: … I wish, you would stop that.

It´s a „yes“ then, I guess.

Ingrid is actually a female clone of Sebastian, but that´s OK.

You still look a bit shell-shocked.


Stoutland visits after everyone is asleep. He´s really very sparkly.