131 Doing the laundry

For some reason Mortimer decides to collect some dirty laundry in the middle of the ocean.

His needs are really low, so I reset him, but he does not return home, instead he materializes on the little island with the ship wreck, his needs still way down.


But as a sensible sim, he takes a water taxi to the shore.

Then he pulls out his batmobile and drives home.


And he´s back!

For some reason Liam does exactly the same a few days later.

He tops it though, by walking on water.

He´s right at the edge of the map.

I tell him to return home and he does. Don´t know, what that was all about. Probably a glitch.

The teens always do their homework autonomously.

Ingrid is always the first one to finish, but Kosta doesn´t seem to mind.

They go to prom together.

Nothing really happens.

Sebastian wants to have a wizard duel, so he has one with Liam.

It´s pretty spectacular.

Even if it is in the bathroom.




Liam wins. He should, he mastered the skill. But you never know.

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