153 Teeth rotting toddler cuteness

Babies are boring, so let´s age Henry up.


Much better!

Ingrid has reached her lifetime wish, but she still likes to perform for tips.

Marina: … why are you looking at me like that?

Random townie: Are you the one with the good stuff?

Marina: …maybe.

I send Conall, because he was getting stir crazy and he meets Dany. They are friends again.

Having second thoughts, Conall?

Conall: Well, you made me break up with him.

Uhm. Okay. Sorry about that.

Look, cute toddler!

Conall: Yes, it´s my cute toddler!

Jan is childish, so he can play with Henry with the dollhouse.


Later he wants to let Henry have a ride on the spring ride.

This is seriously adorable.




You alright there?

Jan: Hehe, yeah.

Okay, then teach him to walk.

Looking good.

Conall puts him in the crib for a nap.

Henry does not want to.





Gah, so cute!

The next day Jan teaches Henry to talk. Outside.

Jan: It´s cloudy. Can you say „cloudy“?

Jan, that´s hail.

Giving your son a bottle in the hail. No reason to go inside, if you have an umbrella.

Conall to the rescue.

That´s Bianca Shue-Riverhawk. She came home with one of the girls. She´s got an interesting face.

Luna autonomously lets Henry have a ride. Didn´t even know, that they could do that.

Oh, yeah, there are other children in the house.

Celia and Andromeda are best friends and always playing with each other.

A couple that does magic together, stays together.

They both have the magic hands LTR, but Kosta prefers to use a wand for some reason.


Some more toddler cuteness.


Oh, and Merry Christmas!

152 Blowing up the chemistry table

Jan feels sick.

This time it´s a double birthday.

First Celia.

She rolls loves the heat.

ELIZA is playing the piano. I don´t think, her hands are made for that.


And now Andromeda.

Good girl. She rolls animal lover.

Jan gets his notice.

ELIZA is still there, now she plays the harp thing from the future.

They both wanted to read a pregnancy book.

Hi, Sebastian!

Celia is very into sports. Don´t know why, she´s not athletic.

What´s this sudden obsession with musial instruments? Where did you even get that??

ELIZA: Found it in my pocket.

Of course.

And stealing energy again. She goes home after that.

Kosta playing with magic. I always forget, that he´s a witch. Celia is, too, by the way.

She blew herself up at the chemistry table and didn´t bother to shower.

Hi, Randolph and Connie!

Celia wakes up early enough, to tell Connie about her accident at the chemistry table.

Kosta and Ingrid being cute.


Jan: Ugh, that hurts. What´s happening?


Celia: *incoherent screaming*

Jan: Child. Go, take a shower.

Jan: But seriously, did I eat something wrong?

No, you are giving birth.

Jan: WHAT??

I thought, you knew. It´s not that bad, though…


Jan: Oh, that was worth it, I guess.

Little Henry rolls neurotic and heavy sleeper.

I wanted Conall to greet his son, but he´s otherwise occupied.

It´s a beautiful night.

Conall shows the strongest reaction to an abduction so far. He seems seriously ill.

Conall: You don´t want to know, what that old fart did to me.

Poor guy.

Conall: I will maul him, when I feel better.

Yes, go totally werewolf on him.

Then he finally could hold his child.

Conall: He´s so cute!

Good thing, you´re a werewolf, so there´s no chance of alien siblings.

151 Moar birthdays and a wedding

Ingrid ages up into an elder.

Can we speak about the hair?

Ingrid: I kind of like it.


ELIZA is driving me totally bonkers, I don´t even really know, why. Storm installs the sentience trait chip (which causes Emit´s hologram to appear), then they move out. I need space for another baby.

The magician gnome chose an interesting spot. Maybe he wanted a stage.

Cathy and Isolde are still cute.

Miles is still grumpy. I hope, Milli doesn´t follow her mum´s career in the fairy drug Mob.

Conall ages up to adult.

Conall: Can I stay like this?


Conall: Okay, but why do I have to totally dress up?

Because you are getting married now.

Conall: Oh. Okay, then.

I changed Miles´ outfit.

Jan: I´m so nervous.

Conall: We´re just getting married. Calm down.

Jan: But I´m so excited!

*punches Conall in the nether regions*

Conall: Ouch!

Conall: Whatever did you do that for?!

Jan: … sorry.

It went smoothly after that.





Jan: So after the cake we can have our wedding night?

Conall: You think anything is working, after you punched me like that?

Jan: … what?

Conall was joking, of course. They got rid of their wedding suits right away.

(I don´t know, where Conall got that nail polish from. I gave Jan the black one, but non to Conall. Perhaps he just wanted to be glittery. We won´t tell him that it clashes with his hair).

Storm and ELIZA stay to play some catch.

Miles plays in the sprinklers then spends the night on the computer.

Okay, that´s kinda rude. Please go now.

150 Some birthdays and a wedding

It´s chapter 150! Yay!

Jan ages up on the job.

Jan: Still not bad, huh?

Yeah, but we´ll have to change that hair.

Funnily enough, he´s at Milli´s and Guadelupe´s home.

They got married recently (and got an incontinent puppy).

Jan: I think, I shall take my leave.

Yes, there´s some panic at home anyway.


Little Andromeda rolls loner and absent-minded.

And it´s time for Celia´s birthday.

Aw, she has her Dad´s hair and ears!

Let´s age up Andromeda, too, while we are at it.

That´s her Mom´s hair and her Dad´s ears. Nice.

Mortimer begins a statue. I let it stand there for ages, but he never finished it.

Reading together.

This is a cute glitch. It´s actually Kosta teaching Andromeda to talk, but the game got confused about her position.

Now it looks, as if she´s sitting in his lap, which is totally adorable.


Moritz asks Luna again to marry him.

She says yes this time!


And Storm ages up to elder.

She instantly developes a love for the rocking chair.

But she doesn´t stay there very long. Storm is a busy sim.

Miles looking fabulous.

Miles: What am I doing here?

It´s a wedding.

He bonds with his daughter Catherine about plasma-juice.

Celia and Andromeda being cute.

I don´t know, what is up with Rowan. He should be Kisa´s age, who is long gone. I think, I placed a wrong copy of him in Hidden Springs, but it doesn´t really matter anyway. Just kind of funny.

Storm provides drinks.

This doesn´t look so good.

Moritz: I just said, she´s perhaps a bit underdressed.

Luna: I want to be comfy at my own wedding. Are you marrying me, or some clothes?

I designed such a nice wedding dress for you. Insane sims.

The crisis was averted, it seems.



Luna: The cake is all mine!


Luna: Okay, but I want a big slice.

Rowan does all the dishes. He really is a nice sim to have around.

Storm boasts about her granddaughter´s hidden trait: Immune to fire.

Catherine stays a bit longer.