153 Teeth rotting toddler cuteness

Babies are boring, so let´s age Henry up.


Much better!

Ingrid has reached her lifetime wish, but she still likes to perform for tips.

Marina: … why are you looking at me like that?

Random townie: Are you the one with the good stuff?

Marina: …maybe.

I send Conall, because he was getting stir crazy and he meets Dany. They are friends again.

Having second thoughts, Conall?

Conall: Well, you made me break up with him.

Uhm. Okay. Sorry about that.

Look, cute toddler!

Conall: Yes, it´s my cute toddler!

Jan is childish, so he can play with Henry with the dollhouse.


Later he wants to let Henry have a ride on the spring ride.

This is seriously adorable.




You alright there?

Jan: Hehe, yeah.

Okay, then teach him to walk.

Looking good.

Conall puts him in the crib for a nap.

Henry does not want to.





Gah, so cute!

The next day Jan teaches Henry to talk. Outside.

Jan: It´s cloudy. Can you say „cloudy“?

Jan, that´s hail.

Giving your son a bottle in the hail. No reason to go inside, if you have an umbrella.

Conall to the rescue.

That´s Bianca Shue-Riverhawk. She came home with one of the girls. She´s got an interesting face.

Luna autonomously lets Henry have a ride. Didn´t even know, that they could do that.

Oh, yeah, there are other children in the house.

Celia and Andromeda are best friends and always playing with each other.

A couple that does magic together, stays together.

They both have the magic hands LTR, but Kosta prefers to use a wand for some reason.


Some more toddler cuteness.


Oh, and Merry Christmas!

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