This is a sort of sims 3 legacy blog. Sort of, because I´ve read different sets of legacy rules and challenges, was like „meh!“ and just played by my own rules. I´ve read A LOT of other sims blogs and had so much fun, that I wanted to start my own.

Looong ago I played SimCity and later SimCity 3000 (which still runs on Windows 8!), but I never played the Sims or the Sims 2. Then I saw some Youtubers play the Sims 4 and kinda liked it, but when I wanted to buy it, most people in the comments said, Sims 3 is much better, so I bought that instead.

Well. I started of course with the vanilla game, but then I learned about all the expansion packs and… yeah. After seasons nearly fried my laptop I bought a pc where I only play Sims. I think, I´m beyond hope, but at least I´m having fun.

I play with nearly alle expansion packs, an increasing amount of store content, a few mods from NRaas industries (overwatch, wohooer, story progression, decensor, error trap and master controler for now, my heartfelt thank to those people!) and no CC, except a male pregnancy morph from mod the sims. Also some skirts and shoes for male sims. I also added a mod for a higher chance of dying of elder sims and some other things for toddlers and children.

This is my first legacy, because I usually play with the lifetime on epic, get so attached to the little pixels that I can´t let them die or move out and end up frustrated with eight sims and two pets in the household.

So my legacy challenge is more or less for myself to actually let go of my sims, I guess. No cheats for money (which isn´t hard, because I´ve never done that), the lifetime is set a lot longer than the usual 90 days, it´s at 244 days for now, but I may change that to less. I would like to explore the different jobs and lifestates more than I have done until now, and let the family live in all the worlds that I own.

Edit: I gradually shortened the lifespan, and around generation 3 I had 128 days. I think, I´m comfortable with that. Although I shamelessly use the in game possibilites of life fruit and the spa, if I need more time. Pets lifespan are set to epic. Just because.

2. edit: So, I kinda decided how I want to play this legacy. My founder Violetta and her husband Paul had 3 kids, Nathan, Steven and Amber. I want to try to have 3 lineages, with those 3 sims as ancestors. So, each of them has only one child, and that child also has only one, and so on, always 3 children in a generation. That means some crazy juggling of spouses and sims randomly moving in and out of the household. Until now (generation 5) I have managed to never overstuff the household. I don´t know, what I will do, if there are twins, or a alien abduction with sudden weight gain. Probably a lot of hair tearing.

Also, I my new generation always starts, when the first baby is born.

Happy simming!