198 Trash hunting

They are still doing this. One is sleeping, the other is reading. Cuties.

Conall, what are you doing?

Conall: Wha…?

Conall: None of your business.

Yeah, well, you can dig in your own trash all you want.

Found something?

Conall: Yeah. Excelent stuff.

In your own trash? Whatever, please turn back.

Conall: What… did I do?

Digging in the trash can.

Conall: Ugh. I need a shower.

You do.

Basketball is very popular.

Rian: … found something?

Thanatos: …not yet.

Rian: Well, good luck following my footsteps.

Thanatos: Thanks.

Carol comes home from work like this. Probably another undercover case.

She rocks these glasses.

Carol: Thanks!

This kitten came to visit. Everyone loves it. Of course, it has flees.

Book club.

Carol: I prefer fighting.

Of course you do.


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