140 Umbrella shark

Hidden Springs is a really beautiful world.


But there are some dangerous animals here. It´s the vicious umbrella shark!

Run, Ingrid!

She escaped in time. Phew.

It´s a fullmoon.

Conall: It´s hard to think in werewolf form.

Conall: But I can tear out your jugular in two seconds flat!

Isn´t he precious?

Conall: *growl*

Benito heart-farts Liam, who is visiting the graveyard. He was always sending Liam love letters in life, so I guess he´s bi.

Luna´s imaginary friend Moritz becomes alive.

We´ll see.

Scott and Xena being cute elders.

It´s leisure day, so I send the family to the pool.


Liam is getting really old. He could go any time.

Ingrid performs for tips.

No sharks this time. Only doves.

It´s Conall´s birthday.

He´s a really good mix of his parents.

He rolls over-emotional.

Someone´s at the door.

Gabby: The doorbell rings. Whatever shall we do??

Miles: Just open the damn thing.

No way. It´s the university mascott.


Crystal´s husband died. You know, her former father in law?

Father of this cute little guy. Yeah, that one.

Luna bores Conall to death. Well, to sleep.

Later she has a nice conversation with her uncle Jan about school.

(I kidnapped Jan, btw., there was a free place in the houshold).

Conall recovers and plays with the chicks.

And then Liam´s time is up.



He´s ok with it.


Goodbye, Liam. You are a great sim!

139 Picnic with ants

Ingrid´s lifetime wish is to become a magician, so let´s start with this.

Ah, it will get better.

Someone abandoned a picnic. The ants eat the rest.

Liam wanted to give Luna a ride on the spring ride.

There are bubbles!

This is so cute.

More cute Luna.

And another birthday! Scott ages up to elder.

You look very distinguished.

Scott: Ah, thank you!

Why are you looking like that, Miles?

Miles: Cake!

Vampires don´t eat cake.

Miles: Who told you that nonsense? Birthday cake is for everyone!

Ah, okay.

Mortimer is out that night.

Luna is not the only cute one.

Speaking of toddlers. Why am I showing this one?

Huh, Crystal? Do you have something to say?

Crystal: Sorry, busy!

Crystal: I won! Sorry, gotta go!

So, I moved Crystal out some time ago, into the household of Benito Bräutigam, her husband. They lived happily ever after, together with Benito´s father, Tobie, until Benito died of old age. Crystal, being a djinn, is still an adult. She then began a relationship with her father in law, who was mysteriously still alive. So, this little boy is Storm´s half-brother, as well as Luna´s uncle. His name is Jan. Yay. Thank´s Crystal.

Ingrid: I eat to that.

You´re not helping.

Conall meets a classmate at the park and buys some cake.

It´s getting dark. Time to go home.

Nathan is busy tonight.

Nathan: Places to go! Things to do!

I follow him. Marina is on her way to somewhere, too.

He vanishes in front of this house. Don´t know, what this was about.

Storm gets into bot-building. Perhaps we can have a bot sometime?

Last moments with Luna as a toddler.


She rolls No sense of humour.

138 Cap eats cake


It´s Ingrid´s birthday! Kisa has finally aged up to elder.


Not bad for a self chosen outfit.

After the cheering Miles and Gabby realize, that Conall has changed into a werewolf.

Conall: Boo.

Isolde: Those two are pathetic.

You may be right about that.

Gary Shue: You look like a clown.

Conall: Oh… yeah? Well, this clown has cake and you don´t!

Well, this is terrifiying.

Ingrid: So, now that I´m all grown up, do you have any idea, what we could do?

Kosta: Weeell…

They are interrupted by a moon-mad Kisa, who slaps Kosta for no reason at all. Ingrid is near collapsing anyway, so no fun for you, today.

Ingrid: I´m totally awake.

You are in the red. Go to sleep.

Meanwhile on the graveyard, Benito is enjoying some tea.

Benito: We didn´t have that, when I was alive.

Yes, I bought it after your death. Have fun!

Ingrid has to attend gradution with the whole family, as usual.

Storm: Can you move?

Ingrid: No. Routing issues.

This is why I don´t allow my sims strollers.

Luna: Wheeeee!

Diploma tossing.

Everyone is hungry, but Luna screams the loudest.

Storm: Make her stop!

Just take her home and feed her.

Conall, where did you get that doll? And please change back to your human form.

Conall: No.

He´s so cute.

He goes to school in human form, at least.

That´s Rowan´s son Olaf. In the background the Shue kids.

Luna can walk on her own now.

It´s another birthday.

Sebastian ages up to elder. Time flies.

Sebastian: I´m cool with it.

Conall plays video games with Carlotta Shue and Jake Preston.

137 Hidden Springs

We moved to Hidden Springs!

This world is gorgeous. Seriously.

Liam goes sight-seeing.

Do you like it?

Liam: Not as colourful as Cake Island. Bit weird.

Yeah, well, it got really laggy at the end.

But I like it here.

Liam: Ok, the park is pretty neat.


How´s the magic?

Liam: Great, thanks.





Stoutland´s statue changed to this for some reason.

And all the selfies are gone again.

Also something weird: Mortimer started this ice statue in Cake Island before he died. Normally, only he could finish it. But after the move Liam can continue it.

He just isn´t good enough to do an ice statue, so it´s clay instead.

A nice chair. It´s kinda sweet, that Liam could finish the statue of his dead husband.

Toddlers have to learn to walk, move or not.

The ghosts all made it, too.

Hi, Violetta!

Violetta: *faints*

Violetta: Hidden Springs, huh? Neat.

I know, right?