137 Hidden Springs

We moved to Hidden Springs!

This world is gorgeous. Seriously.

Liam goes sight-seeing.

Do you like it?

Liam: Not as colourful as Cake Island. Bit weird.

Yeah, well, it got really laggy at the end.

But I like it here.

Liam: Ok, the park is pretty neat.


How´s the magic?

Liam: Great, thanks.





Stoutland´s statue changed to this for some reason.

And all the selfies are gone again.

Also something weird: Mortimer started this ice statue in Cake Island before he died. Normally, only he could finish it. But after the move Liam can continue it.

He just isn´t good enough to do an ice statue, so it´s clay instead.

A nice chair. It´s kinda sweet, that Liam could finish the statue of his dead husband.

Toddlers have to learn to walk, move or not.

The ghosts all made it, too.

Hi, Violetta!

Violetta: *faints*

Violetta: Hidden Springs, huh? Neat.

I know, right?

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