136 Some birthdays

I find Miles and Gabby in the library one night. Looks, as if they are alright.

I don´t know, why they are in formal and working clothes, but to each their own, I guess.


Storm is pregnant from the time traveler, but that doesn´t stop her from tending the garden.

Storm: It´s a mess.

You´re completly right.

And baby time!

It´s a girl! Little Luna rolled loves the heat and excitable.

Ingrid instantly latches on her.

Ingrid: I want my own.

A bit later, perhaps.

Ingrid: I could start right now.


This is Rowan´s son, Olaf.

So let´s age her up, I´m curious.

Well, that´s not the hair I wanted.

Storm: Tough.

Conall also aged up, but didn´t get a cake. He´s still cute!

He rolled rebelious. Doesn´t look like it.

And last, but not least, Storm ages up to adult.

Storm: Yay!

Storm: Not yay. Everything is terrible!

Midlife crisis. Of course.

There´s another evil gnome, don´t know, where it came from. I sold the last one, perhaps I keep it this time.

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