135 Death and impregnation

Conall is still cute.

He´s the joy of his grandpa.

However, his others grandpa´s time is up.




Mortimer doesn´t want to go. But, as usual, begging doesn´t work.

Liam is heart broken.

Scott also takes it pretty hard.



Liam starts sleeping in one of the single beds, instead of using the double he shared with Mortimer.

Poor guy.

In other news, Xena has her elder birthday.

There are no decent clothes for elders. That´s discrimination.

So, there´s a free space in the house. I don´t want Storm and Sebastian to have a child together, but they have to continue the line. Sebastian already has Ingrid, and now he invites his good friend Emit Relevart.

Yay master controler.

Storm suddenly doesn´t feel so peachy.

I hope, the noboo will get the time travelers hair colour.

Storm: I´m suddenly pregnant. You don´t happen to know something about that?

Sebastian: Huh? Me? No, ask the Watcher.

I deny everything.

Goodbye, Mortimer, you adorable hunk grump, ok, both. Adorable grumpy hunk!

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