134 Rainy wedding

Scott thinks, it´s time to pop the question.

Luckily, Xena says yes!



It´s a wedding party!

Uhm, Storm?

Storm: She´s hot!

Storm: I would totally go there!

Didn´t know, you were bi. Whatever floats your boat, but perhaps not today? With the wedding and all?

Storm: They are doing it, too?

They are married, not under my control, and you have a boyfriend. Anyway, wedding!


It starts to rain, but no one seems to be bothered.



Crystal throws rice from a distance, but that´s okay.

Now, cake!


Only the newlyweds manage to get cake, and they don´t sit on the same table, but, well. Sims.

Crystal stays the night and plays the bass the whole time.

The next day Xena wants to take a walk with the stroller.

Normally I don´t give them ones, because they are so glitchy, but this is nice.

Although they take a cab back home.

Xena: My feet hurt.

OK, then.

Mortimer sketches Liam.

Mortimer: Show me your strong arms!

Liam: Like this?

Liam: Or like this?

Liam: Morty? Are you done yet? I think, my face is stuck.

Mortimer: Voilà!

Liam: Are you kidding me?

Mortimer: Yes.

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