133 Werewolf toddler

So, there´s a horse in the living room.

Also, Xena is pregnant.

And already giving birth. Storm seems very distressed.

Storm: She´s in labour! Do something!

Relax, dear.

Mortimer seems reluctant.

Mortimer: Do I really have to?

Xena: ´fraid so.

Mortimer: Oh, well. *deep breath*

Mortimer: Oh, no, she´s in labour!

Xena: Very good!

Mortimer: Can I go now?

Xena: Yes, thank you!

Here we have little Conall. He rolled disciplined and clumsy. That could be fun. He´s a werewolf, like his mom! Yes! Werewolf toddler!

He´s very in demand. Grandpa Liam manages to give him his first bottle.

Xena: He stole my child!

Sebastian: I just wanna hold him for a while.

Xena: Mine! *growl*

He looks like a very happy noboo.

Storm: Let´s have a party!


Hello, Isolde!

Mortimer: Why did I pick him up?

He was crying.

Mortimer: He´s still crying.

You could cuddle him a bit?

Mortimer: No.

Well, he seems to have calmed down. He got his Mommy´s hair! Isn´t he the cutest??

Kosta decides to try the piano.

Ingrid puts a very tired toddler to bed.

Mortimer takes a nap. The party and the toddler have worn him out.

I don´t know, what happened to Ingrid. Looks like she blew herself up and then played basket ball, until she was stinky.

Ingrid: Yeah, that´s about it.

Fullmoon Mommy distresses Conall.

Xena: No worries, sweetie, Mommy just gets a bit hairy once a month.

Xena: Here comes the CLAW!

I don´t know, if this is helping, Xena!!

Ah, well, he seems fine.

He´s a ferocious werewolf himself, after all!

I gave him a chair to scratch. Ugh, he´s so cute!

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