132 Raising the dead

For some reason, everyone insists on cooking their own food, instead of eating perfectly fine leftovers.

Storm: I want cake!

Sebastian: Pizza!

Stop making food!

Kosta has his birthday. He rolls friendly.

His lifetime wish is to become a creature-robot-crossbreader, so he gets a job at the science facility. He will move out for a bit, I need some space in the house.

But first, graduation!

Everyone is having fun.


And an alien abduction before he leaves. No danger of a baby, because he´s a witch.

The winter gnomes really like the ice cone machine. I sell it anyway, because the whole family eats nothing else. At least, they are not cooking anymore.

I like this umbrella.

Xena is feeling unwell.

But not for long.

Liam maxed the spellcasting skill. So we are doing some experiements…

I grab some random townie´s headstone from the mausoleom and place it on the ground. Liam casts the spell to raise the dead.



You´re kind of worrying me there, Liam.

Liam: Eheheheh! It´s dark magic! I have to cackle manically!

Well, ok then.

Zombie alert!

Ok, now we have a zombie.

But there´s some other spell…

The sunlight charms brings her back to life!

And she´s gone. No need to thank us, or something.

Don´t know, where she got that car. I kind of totally forgot her after this, but if there´s a sufficient powerfull witch in the house, you don´t have to fear fatal accidents. Good to know!

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