143 Lots of snow

Conall aged up last time, so now he graduates!

Sebastian decides to make a snow angel in front of the city hall.

Jan and Conall can´t do very much now, because Jan is still a teenager.

Conall: That´s ok.

Conall also has to yell at Jan, when he places a prank in the shower.

But they can hug it out afterwards.

Yep, looking good.

The massage table is always popular.

Scott plays for Xena. She seems thrilled.

Storm needs some special nanites for her bot-building. So I placed all of them on some community lot.

Sebastian catches them for her.

Hidden Springs is still pretty.



Ingrid has a show.

Kosta helps.

She looks like Zatanna from DC Comics. But with less cleavage.

Kisa is old.

She also lost her husband, Teodor, which is sad.

We make Luna´s IF Moritz into a real sim!

He´s a couch potato, a loser, eco-friendly and hydrophobic, which are pretty horrible traits, but he seems to be a nice sim anyway.

He´s also a face one, so I made him over. Now he looks a bit like a vulcan.

One of his first wishes was to place a stink bomb. I´ve never let a sim do that, so why not?

Sadly, it didn´t do much.

Conall is working out a lot, so he´s really slim now. Don´t know, if I like it.

Playing with the future son-in-law. Perhaps.

Sebastian is at the graveyard for some reason and makes this snowman.

Sebastian: We are all going to die.

Uhm… Let´s go home? There´s a party.

Because it´s snowflake day.

Everyone is having fun.

I don´t know, what Kisa said.

Snowflake day indeed!

142 Snowy Hidden Springs

Winter is here!

So here are a bunch of pictures of a snowy Hidden Springs, because it´s seriously beautiful.








Storm is still working on her bot-skill.

Conall and Jan are having a thrilling conversation about science or something.

Ingrid performs for tips at the festival grounds.

Crystal got old and lost all sense of fashion. Isn´t that cold?

Crystal: Just a little.


Crystal: Much.

She´s really good at ice skating.

Kosta is not.

Kosta: I feel followed.

Ingrid is done with performing and gets to the fun stuff.

Well, yes, that´s… romantic, I guess.

Kosta: I don´t know about you, but I think, I have to get up, if we ever want kids.

Ingrid: It´s all in your mind.

Conall has his birthday.



He rolls brave. His lifetime wish is physical perfection, so he has to master the athletic and the martial arts skill. Piece of cake.

141 Lifetime wishes and birthdays

Sebastian reaches his lifetime wish.

And these are the points for mastering the painting skill.

Ingrid has to work a bit longer on her LTW.

Who´s in there?

Ingrid: One moment. There´s some resistance.


Oh, good, everything is ok.

Storm: You nearly killed me!

Ingrid: Shhh, smile for the audience!

Conall visits the Shue house after school. These are Star and Carlotta.

They are both cute, but Conall is gay. And he doesn´t like Gary. Pity.

His clothes in werewolf form are so hilarious, that I let him keep them.

Conall: Rawr! I´m a dangerous rebellious teenager! Doing the dishes!

You´re cute as a button.

Conall: Am not!

Scott, isn´t he cute?

Scott: Totally!

Conall: DAD!

He gives up and changes back, trying to charm the snake.

Conall: Hehe, it didn´t work.

So cute.

I may or may not have some plans for those two. Is that creepy? … Na, it´s Sims.

Hi Liam!

It´s Spooky Day! And Prom, for some reason.

Ingrid and Kosta spend the whole evening canoodling.


Aand Conall ends up with Dany Shue as a romantic interest. That´s a pity, because he´s nice.

This girl took the „Under the sea“ theme a bit too literaly.

Luna ages up to teen.

She rolls dramatic.

Luna: Too tired to be dramatic.

The niece is older than the uncle. She will live longer though, because she´s a djinn.

And anyway, it´s Jan´s birthday, too.


He rolls commitment issues.

140 Umbrella shark

Hidden Springs is a really beautiful world.


But there are some dangerous animals here. It´s the vicious umbrella shark!

Run, Ingrid!

She escaped in time. Phew.

It´s a fullmoon.

Conall: It´s hard to think in werewolf form.

Conall: But I can tear out your jugular in two seconds flat!

Isn´t he precious?

Conall: *growl*

Benito heart-farts Liam, who is visiting the graveyard. He was always sending Liam love letters in life, so I guess he´s bi.

Luna´s imaginary friend Moritz becomes alive.

We´ll see.

Scott and Xena being cute elders.

It´s leisure day, so I send the family to the pool.


Liam is getting really old. He could go any time.

Ingrid performs for tips.

No sharks this time. Only doves.

It´s Conall´s birthday.

He´s a really good mix of his parents.

He rolls over-emotional.

Someone´s at the door.

Gabby: The doorbell rings. Whatever shall we do??

Miles: Just open the damn thing.

No way. It´s the university mascott.


Crystal´s husband died. You know, her former father in law?

Father of this cute little guy. Yeah, that one.

Luna bores Conall to death. Well, to sleep.

Later she has a nice conversation with her uncle Jan about school.

(I kidnapped Jan, btw., there was a free place in the houshold).

Conall recovers and plays with the chicks.

And then Liam´s time is up.



He´s ok with it.


Goodbye, Liam. You are a great sim!

139 Picnic with ants

Ingrid´s lifetime wish is to become a magician, so let´s start with this.

Ah, it will get better.

Someone abandoned a picnic. The ants eat the rest.

Liam wanted to give Luna a ride on the spring ride.

There are bubbles!

This is so cute.

More cute Luna.

And another birthday! Scott ages up to elder.

You look very distinguished.

Scott: Ah, thank you!

Why are you looking like that, Miles?

Miles: Cake!

Vampires don´t eat cake.

Miles: Who told you that nonsense? Birthday cake is for everyone!

Ah, okay.

Mortimer is out that night.

Luna is not the only cute one.

Speaking of toddlers. Why am I showing this one?

Huh, Crystal? Do you have something to say?

Crystal: Sorry, busy!

Crystal: I won! Sorry, gotta go!

So, I moved Crystal out some time ago, into the household of Benito Bräutigam, her husband. They lived happily ever after, together with Benito´s father, Tobie, until Benito died of old age. Crystal, being a djinn, is still an adult. She then began a relationship with her father in law, who was mysteriously still alive. So, this little boy is Storm´s half-brother, as well as Luna´s uncle. His name is Jan. Yay. Thank´s Crystal.

Ingrid: I eat to that.

You´re not helping.

Conall meets a classmate at the park and buys some cake.

It´s getting dark. Time to go home.

Nathan is busy tonight.

Nathan: Places to go! Things to do!

I follow him. Marina is on her way to somewhere, too.

He vanishes in front of this house. Don´t know, what this was about.

Storm gets into bot-building. Perhaps we can have a bot sometime?

Last moments with Luna as a toddler.


She rolls No sense of humour.

138 Cap eats cake


It´s Ingrid´s birthday! Kisa has finally aged up to elder.


Not bad for a self chosen outfit.

After the cheering Miles and Gabby realize, that Conall has changed into a werewolf.

Conall: Boo.

Isolde: Those two are pathetic.

You may be right about that.

Gary Shue: You look like a clown.

Conall: Oh… yeah? Well, this clown has cake and you don´t!

Well, this is terrifiying.

Ingrid: So, now that I´m all grown up, do you have any idea, what we could do?

Kosta: Weeell…

They are interrupted by a moon-mad Kisa, who slaps Kosta for no reason at all. Ingrid is near collapsing anyway, so no fun for you, today.

Ingrid: I´m totally awake.

You are in the red. Go to sleep.

Meanwhile on the graveyard, Benito is enjoying some tea.

Benito: We didn´t have that, when I was alive.

Yes, I bought it after your death. Have fun!

Ingrid has to attend gradution with the whole family, as usual.

Storm: Can you move?

Ingrid: No. Routing issues.

This is why I don´t allow my sims strollers.

Luna: Wheeeee!

Diploma tossing.

Everyone is hungry, but Luna screams the loudest.

Storm: Make her stop!

Just take her home and feed her.

Conall, where did you get that doll? And please change back to your human form.

Conall: No.

He´s so cute.

He goes to school in human form, at least.

That´s Rowan´s son Olaf. In the background the Shue kids.

Luna can walk on her own now.

It´s another birthday.

Sebastian ages up to elder. Time flies.

Sebastian: I´m cool with it.

Conall plays video games with Carlotta Shue and Jake Preston.

137 Hidden Springs

We moved to Hidden Springs!

This world is gorgeous. Seriously.

Liam goes sight-seeing.

Do you like it?

Liam: Not as colourful as Cake Island. Bit weird.

Yeah, well, it got really laggy at the end.

But I like it here.

Liam: Ok, the park is pretty neat.


How´s the magic?

Liam: Great, thanks.





Stoutland´s statue changed to this for some reason.

And all the selfies are gone again.

Also something weird: Mortimer started this ice statue in Cake Island before he died. Normally, only he could finish it. But after the move Liam can continue it.

He just isn´t good enough to do an ice statue, so it´s clay instead.

A nice chair. It´s kinda sweet, that Liam could finish the statue of his dead husband.

Toddlers have to learn to walk, move or not.

The ghosts all made it, too.

Hi, Violetta!

Violetta: *faints*

Violetta: Hidden Springs, huh? Neat.

I know, right?

136 Some birthdays

I find Miles and Gabby in the library one night. Looks, as if they are alright.

I don´t know, why they are in formal and working clothes, but to each their own, I guess.


Storm is pregnant from the time traveler, but that doesn´t stop her from tending the garden.

Storm: It´s a mess.

You´re completly right.

And baby time!

It´s a girl! Little Luna rolled loves the heat and excitable.

Ingrid instantly latches on her.

Ingrid: I want my own.

A bit later, perhaps.

Ingrid: I could start right now.


This is Rowan´s son, Olaf.

So let´s age her up, I´m curious.

Well, that´s not the hair I wanted.

Storm: Tough.

Conall also aged up, but didn´t get a cake. He´s still cute!

He rolled rebelious. Doesn´t look like it.

And last, but not least, Storm ages up to adult.

Storm: Yay!

Storm: Not yay. Everything is terrible!

Midlife crisis. Of course.

There´s another evil gnome, don´t know, where it came from. I sold the last one, perhaps I keep it this time.

135 Death and impregnation

Conall is still cute.

He´s the joy of his grandpa.

However, his others grandpa´s time is up.




Mortimer doesn´t want to go. But, as usual, begging doesn´t work.

Liam is heart broken.

Scott also takes it pretty hard.



Liam starts sleeping in one of the single beds, instead of using the double he shared with Mortimer.

Poor guy.

In other news, Xena has her elder birthday.

There are no decent clothes for elders. That´s discrimination.

So, there´s a free space in the house. I don´t want Storm and Sebastian to have a child together, but they have to continue the line. Sebastian already has Ingrid, and now he invites his good friend Emit Relevart.

Yay master controler.

Storm suddenly doesn´t feel so peachy.

I hope, the noboo will get the time travelers hair colour.

Storm: I´m suddenly pregnant. You don´t happen to know something about that?

Sebastian: Huh? Me? No, ask the Watcher.

I deny everything.

Goodbye, Mortimer, you adorable hunk grump, ok, both. Adorable grumpy hunk!

134 Rainy wedding

Scott thinks, it´s time to pop the question.

Luckily, Xena says yes!



It´s a wedding party!

Uhm, Storm?

Storm: She´s hot!

Storm: I would totally go there!

Didn´t know, you were bi. Whatever floats your boat, but perhaps not today? With the wedding and all?

Storm: They are doing it, too?

They are married, not under my control, and you have a boyfriend. Anyway, wedding!


It starts to rain, but no one seems to be bothered.



Crystal throws rice from a distance, but that´s okay.

Now, cake!


Only the newlyweds manage to get cake, and they don´t sit on the same table, but, well. Sims.

Crystal stays the night and plays the bass the whole time.

The next day Xena wants to take a walk with the stroller.

Normally I don´t give them ones, because they are so glitchy, but this is nice.

Although they take a cab back home.

Xena: My feet hurt.

OK, then.

Mortimer sketches Liam.

Mortimer: Show me your strong arms!

Liam: Like this?

Liam: Or like this?

Liam: Morty? Are you done yet? I think, my face is stuck.

Mortimer: Voilà!

Liam: Are you kidding me?

Mortimer: Yes.