202 Dragon summoning

The town is getting laggy, so I did a complete reset.

Bryony: Dang, that was unpleasant. Don´t do that again.

Carol: Right. Or I have to hit someone.

There are a lot of leftover drinks from the party.

Conall: Should I be concerned by the question mark?

Nah, of course not.

Conall: OK, I trust you!


Ronan´s current better half seems to be a bot-fan.

Parenting is hard.

But also fun.

I let Eric summon a friend with Phil.


He summoned Thanatos. I thought, it would be a new friend!

Ah, well.

Julius went to the nectary to throw some more potions. Always a lot of sims there. Wonder why.

The last one. Despite his thought bubble nothing nasty.

And lifetime wish complete.

Milli: … did you just throw a potion at your mother-in-law?

Julius: Yeah, so what?

Milli: Be thankfull, that I´m a nice person.

So. I got bored. I saved everyone to the bin and started a new save in Moonligh Falls with Eric, Julius, Milli, Guadelupe, their new toddler Audris and their dogs.

201 Green baby

I kind of wish, I had made Thanatos the baby daddy.

Okay, he can accompany her to the hospital.


It´s a boy! Raphael is good and disciplined. Also, green.

His dad shows up, but preferes to read a book.

The noboo is quite vocal.

But easily mollified.

Daphne is eager to hold him.

So is Conall.

In fact, everyone wants to cuddle the baby.

Turning into a werewolf is no reason to stop.

But he lays him back, so he can sleep. Good boy.

Daphne: Seriously, guys? This is disgusting.

Carol and Conall: *growl*


The dawn turns them back.

Carol: I feel so… hairy.

Conall: This is so embarassing.


Carol: … but also, fun!

Conall: If you say so.

She´s a pretty one.

The baby-napping continues.

Bryony: … where is my child?

Daphne: Lalala, nothing going on here…

I kind of forgot, that Catherine is a daredevil.

Also, quite popular. Everyone wants to talk to her.

Carol: When I´m a proper secret agent, I´ll totally lock you up!

Rian: … you can try.

Time to age up the baby.

Ain´t he cute?

He seems to be nearly the same shade of green as Catherine, which is quite funny.

200 Photobooth kissing

Bryony is still pregnant.

Thanatos is stalking out the graveyeard.

Very inconspicous.

Conall wanted to visit the spring festival. He doesn´t has a boyfriend at the moment, so let´s try the kissing booth.


He acquired the great kisser trait somewhere along the way.


This guy seems to have a great day.



Daphne also has the great kisser trait.


Now he looks drunk. Happy drunk, though.

Thanatos gives a very coy kiss.

He does some crazy dancing after that.


Laurel tells Thanatos that she only wants to be friends. She does it autonomously, which is a great hint for me.

Really not into it. OK.

Another stalk-out.



And he doesn´t see a thing. This career is sooo bugged!


Also, 200 chapters. Go, me!

199 A lot of romance

So, normally when you let sims who are friends wohoo with each other, while touring a building, there are no relationship consequences.


The relationship panel doesn´t show them as romantic interests, but they act like they are.

All of them.


I don´t really care, but I think a mod is wonky.

So Thanatos and the two sisters.

Laurel: Don´t you dare!


Laurel: Seriously? While I´m standing right here?

Laurel: Traitor! My own sister!

Laurel: Nothing to say?

Laurel: Well, I´m outta here. Unbelievable!

(Actually, she came through the door and was just waitingfor them to move).

The kitten is still here.

Julius: What are you all staring at?

Everyone loves the kitten.

So, Thanatos is busy.


Sometimes he´s also working.

So is Daphne.

Bryony isn´t doing much. She´s pregnant now.

Bryony: I am?

Yes. The father is Thirty-three. Thanks, Master Controler.

Bryony: I don´t even like that guy.

I´m bored.

Bryony: Well, thanks for making me sick!

Sorry about that.

I turned jeallousy OFF, but Dany accuses Conall of cheating anyway. He didn´t even do anything.

A potion makes them friends again.

Still, I guess this affair is over.

Conall consoles himself by drawing Isolde. I don´t know, why she´s dressed like that. Must be her workwear.

198 Trash hunting

They are still doing this. One is sleeping, the other is reading. Cuties.

Conall, what are you doing?

Conall: Wha…?

Conall: None of your business.

Yeah, well, you can dig in your own trash all you want.

Found something?

Conall: Yeah. Excelent stuff.

In your own trash? Whatever, please turn back.

Conall: What… did I do?

Digging in the trash can.

Conall: Ugh. I need a shower.

You do.

Basketball is very popular.

Rian: … found something?

Thanatos: …not yet.

Rian: Well, good luck following my footsteps.

Thanatos: Thanks.

Carol comes home from work like this. Probably another undercover case.

She rocks these glasses.

Carol: Thanks!

This kitten came to visit. Everyone loves it. Of course, it has flees.

Book club.

Carol: I prefer fighting.

Of course you do.


The new wordpress editor messes up my pictures. Sorry about that.

197 Igloo on the graveyard

A new case. I think, this one glitched out. The career is really buggy.

Julius was getting stir-crazy, so I sent him to the graveyard to get some tombstones (Gabby, Miles and Erica died). Eric had nothing to do, so I sent him as well. He takes the opportunity to serenade his husband.

They tried to wohoo, but the action canceled itself.

So I let them build an igloo.



Carol working undercover. Meeting her boyfriend. Whatever.

I really don´t know what to do with them.

So I replaced regular wohoo with risky and let Laurel and Thanatos tour the military base.


I also let Daphne and Thanatos tour the military base.


Later, Thanatos invited Sixty-Nine over (I moved him out).

He stayed the night, giving Eric the opportunity to interview him for an article.

The animations are funny.


Daphne and Laurel chatting with their dad.

It´s snowflake day! This is Misty, Carol´s half-sister. She turned out better than I thought she would.


Opening the presents.


It is also fullmoon for some reason.

Doesn´t bother them.

Daphne peed herself in terror when Carol changed (don´t know why, I think it´s a glitch), but Silvio doesn´t seem to mind.


Sixty-Nine does mind.



196 Last Venue of Amore

So I sent Julius and Eric to the Last Venue of Amore lot. I also let Carol invite Rian. Julius and him don´t seem to get along.

Have a potion! It´s nothing drastic though.

Julius: I wanted to throw that flask of bees.

I need him right now, sorry. Maybe later.

So let´s have some romance.

Um. This is not exactly, what I had in mind.

Ah, well. They seem to enjoy themselves.


The other two wandered off. Eric discovers some dogs. He´s a dog person. Don´t know, why he isn´t wearing his outerwear, though.

There´s Erica´s boy toy. I changed his face one a tiny bit. He´s kinda cute.

There´s Milli having a picnic all by herself. The townies seem to love that lot. But it´s so enormous, that it´s slowning down my game, the gondola ride is beyond buggy and so I deleted it after this. Pity. Maybe I´ll build a smaller venue.

Sixty-nine and Thanatos wohoo in the car. Afterwards, they seem to want to carry on in the time machine.

They get disrupted, though. Thanatos is weirdly popular.

Don´t know, what this is about.

The next day, Thanatos meets Rian in the library.

He tells him, that he´s a private eye.

THIS is a creepy expression.

They have a nice conversation afterwards, though.

And Rian gets a good luck spell.

Bryony got the opportunity to tutor this teen. Why she does it in the snow is everyone´s guess.

195 Lots of snow

I always forget, Laurel is flirty. Never had a ghost baby before. Hm.

Julius is still throwing potions.


So I let him throw one at Laurel.

And let her paint a bit.

Aaand lifetime wish points doubled. Neat.

And the points for mastering the painting skill.

Carol has this futuristic clothing all of the sudden. Must be a work outfit.

It suits you.

Carol: Of course it does.

Daphne keeps making nektar.

And reading while her sister is sleeping next to her, like she did as a child. It´s kinda cute.

Thanatos found the thief of some red pumps. It´s the son of Rudi again. But he gives them back.

He seems really sad to see them go.

So I gave him a pair of his own. You´re welcome.



Hi, Paul! Long time no see.

Sixty-nine is invited to a party. It´s really lame, so he starts playing his guitar. Outside for some reason.

The party seems much improved.

It´s snowing every day. Conall uses the weather machine for some sun.

Love his glowing eyes.

Some chatting with his granddaughter.

And some horse watching.

I don´t know, what to do with these people.

I bought the Last venue of Amore as the daily deal. It doesn´t fit the weather or the moon setting of this world, but I wanna try it, okay?

194 Making nectar

I got a notice that Gabby is about to die, but she looks pretty alive. Bit creepy.

Miles is still rocking the nail polish.

Carol encounters a woman in labour on her way home. Everyone is freaking out, as usual.

They keep freaking out, even after the mother to be walks away. Carol accompanies her to the hospital.


For some reason she changes into her uniform.

Carol: Wanna look professional.

Okay. Well, she gets a nice moodlet.

Daphne finally rolled a wish for a job. She wants to be a nectar maker.

Keeps falling down a lot, but her first try was a good one.


Thanatos does a job for Erica. She´s creepy as a vampire.

This is her new husband. She´s really robbing the craddle.

Laurel paints this picture. I like it.

Julius potion didn´t work, Isolde is still an elder.

I drag her into CAS this time.

Good as new!

I placed a festival ground (the one from Lunar Lakes, it fits the theme), and brought nearly the whole family to have some fun. Of course, some random townie has to die.


She´s not happy about it as well.

But Grim is strict, as usual.

They amused themselves afterwards, though. I need to place some lights.


193 Getting abducted

Carol is getting abducted. Well, she can´t get pregnant, being female and a werewolf, so…

Carol: Is that all you care about?? Help me!

Sorry, there are things even the watcher can´t do.

Carol: Aaaaaaahh!

See you later.


Carol: I hate aliens. I will kill this one.

Are you running away?

Carol: This is a tactical retreat! I will totally maim her later!

Thanatos has a new case. He has to dust for fingerprints.

I don´t really know, what fingerprints on a table will tell you about a red-pumps-thief, but go on.


I´m sure the glass is a lot of help in this snow.

Thanatos: Shaddup. Serious business.


He has to bribe Dany to tell him something. He finds the culprit later.

I would watch Marina. She still seems to be part of the fairy drug cartel.

Laurel befriended her. They really get along.

I LOOK AWAY FOR ONE SECOND! What´s going on here?!

Conall: What? Just watching the stars. Or the snow, as it is.

Well, I don´t think, you will be up to much after sitting in the snow for so long.

Julius had a midlife crisis wish to flirt with someone anyway, so, let´s do that.

Perhaps I should allow jealousy after all.

This is getting ridiculous.