193 Getting abducted

Carol is getting abducted. Well, she can´t get pregnant, being female and a werewolf, so…

Carol: Is that all you care about?? Help me!

Sorry, there are things even the watcher can´t do.

Carol: Aaaaaaahh!

See you later.


Carol: I hate aliens. I will kill this one.

Are you running away?

Carol: This is a tactical retreat! I will totally maim her later!

Thanatos has a new case. He has to dust for fingerprints.

I don´t really know, what fingerprints on a table will tell you about a red-pumps-thief, but go on.


I´m sure the glass is a lot of help in this snow.

Thanatos: Shaddup. Serious business.


He has to bribe Dany to tell him something. He finds the culprit later.

I would watch Marina. She still seems to be part of the fairy drug cartel.

Laurel befriended her. They really get along.

I LOOK AWAY FOR ONE SECOND! What´s going on here?!

Conall: What? Just watching the stars. Or the snow, as it is.

Well, I don´t think, you will be up to much after sitting in the snow for so long.

Julius had a midlife crisis wish to flirt with someone anyway, so, let´s do that.

Perhaps I should allow jealousy after all.

This is getting ridiculous.

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