194 Making nectar

I got a notice that Gabby is about to die, but she looks pretty alive. Bit creepy.

Miles is still rocking the nail polish.

Carol encounters a woman in labour on her way home. Everyone is freaking out, as usual.

They keep freaking out, even after the mother to be walks away. Carol accompanies her to the hospital.


For some reason she changes into her uniform.

Carol: Wanna look professional.

Okay. Well, she gets a nice moodlet.

Daphne finally rolled a wish for a job. She wants to be a nectar maker.

Keeps falling down a lot, but her first try was a good one.


Thanatos does a job for Erica. She´s creepy as a vampire.

This is her new husband. She´s really robbing the craddle.

Laurel paints this picture. I like it.

Julius potion didn´t work, Isolde is still an elder.

I drag her into CAS this time.

Good as new!

I placed a festival ground (the one from Lunar Lakes, it fits the theme), and brought nearly the whole family to have some fun. Of course, some random townie has to die.


She´s not happy about it as well.

But Grim is strict, as usual.

They amused themselves afterwards, though. I need to place some lights.


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