195 Lots of snow

I always forget, Laurel is flirty. Never had a ghost baby before. Hm.

Julius is still throwing potions.


So I let him throw one at Laurel.

And let her paint a bit.

Aaand lifetime wish points doubled. Neat.

And the points for mastering the painting skill.

Carol has this futuristic clothing all of the sudden. Must be a work outfit.

It suits you.

Carol: Of course it does.

Daphne keeps making nektar.

And reading while her sister is sleeping next to her, like she did as a child. It´s kinda cute.

Thanatos found the thief of some red pumps. It´s the son of Rudi again. But he gives them back.

He seems really sad to see them go.

So I gave him a pair of his own. You´re welcome.



Hi, Paul! Long time no see.

Sixty-nine is invited to a party. It´s really lame, so he starts playing his guitar. Outside for some reason.

The party seems much improved.

It´s snowing every day. Conall uses the weather machine for some sun.

Love his glowing eyes.

Some chatting with his granddaughter.

And some horse watching.

I don´t know, what to do with these people.

I bought the Last venue of Amore as the daily deal. It doesn´t fit the weather or the moon setting of this world, but I wanna try it, okay?

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