106 Love is in the air

It´s kind of neat to have Kisa back in the house – she brakes space rocks on a regular basis.

Crystal wanted to learn riding, so I let her take lessons. I found a nice outfit for her at the store. I wanted to give it to her as a teen, but it´s only for young adults and adults. Why?? It would be perfect for teenagers!

Liam is still sad about his mom´s death. Speaking of which, I fenced in the cow plant, because I didn´t want any more casualties, but there´s still Connie´s milk, so I wanted to keep the plant, until I decided, who should drink it.

Arille is near her adult birthday but still doesn´t have a partner. So I downloaded one for her.

Stoutland Miller from the Moustachy ISBI (it´s on hiatius, but it´s awesome). He´s artistic, a couch potato, loves the cold, is a hopeless romantic and a dog person. And he has the cutest ears ever.

Turns out, his downloaded form is one day from adult. I guess, he can drink the milk then.


I sold the cow plant after this.

Connie´s ghost is always hungry and makes food. I´m not complaining.

This is looking good. (I mean, they have the same hair. It´s destiny.)

Arielle and Stoutland hearfart each other twice – when I added him to the household, and when they first talked to each other. Nice.

So I send them on a date.


Stoutland wants a face painting but it turns out bad.

Arielle cheers him up.


One couple done.

The second one gets to tie the knot in their underwear in the kitchen. That´s much more Sims, anyway.

Crystal: I need a drink.



For some reason I decided to do this with all of them at once, which resulted in some mad back and forth zooming. But all is well.

Liam and Mortimer have some difficulties finding a bed to consume their relationship, though.

You know, we have three double-beds.

Liam: But I want this one!

Kisa: Let´s show these noobs, how it´s done!

Teodor: Yes!

Mortimer: I refuse to look!

Back to performing for tips. Liam always sets himself on fire with this trick.

Randolph is pretty active, even as a ghost. The other ones normally just sit in one of the rocking chairs. He will stay at the main house, ´cause I love him.

It´s Arielle´s adult birthday.

Midlife crisis.

The last picture of Beverly, she died shortly after the party.

Someone brought grilled cheese, Liam´s favourite. For some reason, no one in the house can make it.

Marina will also age up soon.

I let her play with the train at the library.


She now looks best in short hair. I changed her face a bit – she inherited Kisa´s face one, so I made her look more like her dad.

105 Cow plant

Liam: My dad died. I don´t want to get up.

Yes, it´s sad. But I want you to meet someone in the living room.

So, I was playing another save in Sunset Valley, and stumbled across Mortimer Goth. He somehow escaped my attention until now, but he definitely has it now. He´s one of the very few sims, that actually let me do a double take.

So I kidnapped him and added him to the household. First thing he did, was getting eaten by the cow plant. Seriously. I plopped him down, got distracted and next thing I see is him being devoured. I was so flabbergasted, I didn´t even take pictures. Luckily, the plant spat him out again.

So here he is arguing with Connie. This incarnation of Mortimer is grumpy, artistic and ambitious, and also disciplined and eccentric. His lifetime wish is home design hotshot.

Mh-mh, looking good.

Can someone feed the cow plant before any more accidents happen?

Still sad.


It´s Marina´s birthday.

Such a cutie.


Awww, how nice! But I kind of downloaded it from modthesims as a joke.

That´s better. Did I ever mention her traits? She´s good, a light sleeper and now rolled photographer´s eye. Need to get her a camera.

Mary and Crystal seem to be slightly nervous about a very hungry Catherine.

Speaking of Mary, there´s still that picture. Will she finish it??


Arielle meets Rowan, but they don´t seem to be attracted to each other. He´s married again to an old lady, anyway.

Crystal becomes a young adult.

She rolls charismatic. Her lifetime wish is renaissance sim, so she has to reach level 10 at three different skills.

Hi, Randolph!

Teodor will become an elder soon. I don´t want Kisa to lose yet another husband, so he gets a present.


He gets the bumblebee wings! They suit him in a weird way, so he will keep them.

Crystal has her graduation.

For some reason they don´t go home.


Perhaps they know, there´s a horse in the living room. It just runs throught the wall, though.

Liam has a show. Arielle helps him out.

I totally ship those two. Not sure, if they ship each other.

Marina accompanies Desirae (daughter of David and Alia) Ziggfield home after school. Well, Marina goes to her home. Desirae is busy fainting. I don´t even know, who died.

She makes it home and they do homework together, chaperoned by Alia.

And then Connie commited suicide. I don´t know, how to explain it any other way. I checked on her only moments earlier, and all her needs were green, she wasn´t even slightly hungry.

But she grabs for the cake anyway.


Well, that´s more interesting than dying of old age, I guess.


And she´s totally okay with it.

Her family not so much.

Grimmy stays to feed the fish.

Mortimer wants him gone, though.


Goodbye, Connie. You are a mean sim, but a charming one.

104 Burning bubbles

Arielle has a sing-a-gram at Catherine´s and Isolde´s house. Her bubble machine sets her on fire. How on earth is this even possible?

Catherine is already asleep and Isolde decides to join her, instead of putting Arielle out.

Luckily she reaches the shower in time. It puts out the fire, but leaves her very dehydrated for some reason, so she takes a second shower.

This is apparently totally inappropriate.

Catherine: You… you woke me up with your… shower!

Isolde: I´m very displeased with this.

Arielle leaves as fast as she can.

Marina is still cute.

Her parents amuse themselves with the massage table.

Theo: Um… can you feel your feet, dear?

Kisa: Yes, why?

Theo: No reason.

I got the pop-up, that Crystal´s romantic interest from prom (which happened at some point) hooked up with her best friend. We can´t have that! So they meet at the local gambling parlour.

He´s a face one, so I make him a bit more interesting.

He happily brakes up with his girlfriend.

Now we have to catch him.

His name is Benito Bräutigam, by the way. (Bräutigam means groom).

Inside is a very hungry Gabby, dancing with some townie. I would be very careful, young man.

Benito dodges Crystal´s first kiss attempt! Trying to escape, are you?

Benito: Hey, just because I broke up with my girlfriend for you, doesn´t mean you can just kiss me!

Aw, her face!

Let´s try this again.

Much better.


Crystal: Boyfriend achieved! Whoooo!

I sent Kisa over at some point, because it was getting really late.

She has a lot of fun plundering the claw machine.

Liam still likes doing ballet.

He often has a double gig with Arielle.

This is the werewolf lady who I considered as a spouse for Liam. Her little daughter is a werewolf, too, so that´s alright.

I thought it wouldn´t be fair, if Crystal´s relationship with her formerly best friend (Ziyi Yuan, originally from China), would stay in the red, just because of a story progression whim. So she brings a bottle of potent friendship elixier.

Ziyi still thinks, Crystal´s mum is a llama.

She deserves a new outfit for that.

I probably should have waited two days for that betrayed moodlet to disappear.

Then the camera suddenly zooms home.




Connie is heartbroken. I think, I am, too.

Goodbye, Randolph, you magical insane sim!

103 Rollercoaster

This was Liam.

Crystal does her homework with the help of the chickens.

Isolde reached her lifetimewish. I thought, she would use the other door.

So, her and Catherine moved out and Kisa, Theodor and Marina Dust-Medina moved in. I´m not letting story progression raise this child.

She´s got Jaron´s hair! And funnily enough, the wing colour he first had, before I changed it.

I changed her´s too, because I think the yellow clashes a bit with everything.

Randolph starts the training.

Liam has his first show.

It is pretty terrible.

It also doesn´t help, that some woman goes into labour.

Randolph: No one panic, I´m calling an ambulance.

(Wouldn´t it be cool, if that was an option?)

It´s nice, to have Kisa back in the house.

Their wing shape is different. Doesn´t make any sense, but whatever.

This is Theodor Medina. I brought him over from Isla Paradiso with his daughter, and shortly after he married Kisa. He´s a nice guy, overemotional, natural cook, good, neat and a computer whiz.

Marina: Zey give me stick.

Marina: Yum!


I never saw that startled face before. This is beyond cute.

Randolph is pretty good with the hacky sack. He played with it all his life.

Liam spends most of his days performing for tips at the festival. When he´s finished, he amuses himself.

I got the notification, that this woman would die soon. Then Arielle got a sing-a-gram order to cheer her up, because she´s depressed. I guess, I would be depressed, too, if some program wanted to kill me.

She died that night. But she looks really happy in this picture. It´s kind of bittersweet, bathroom and all.

We still have the cowplant.

Liam wished for a firepit.

This shows why you shouldn´t fullfill all of your daredevil sim´s wishes.

Liam: Heheheh. FIRE.

Connie decides on her own, to give her husband a heat of the moment kiss.

He doesn´t like that.

(I learned, that insane sims often don´t.)

Um, guys?

Randolph worries about their relationship. So Connie kisses him again. And repeat.

That was all autonomous. Their relationship is nearly in the red now. That makes me sad.

Everyone loves the toddler.

Arielle had a bit too much sun.

I bought the promenade ages ago, but somehow the lot didn´t show up in my library. I finally got it to work (here´s a link for this problem).

Liam and Randolph are the lucky ones to test it.

They look thrilled.


Liam wanders off after that, but Randolph has a second go.

I´m pretty sure, this works only in the sims.


Randolph: Argh! Shark! There was a shark!

Yes, isn´t it fun?

Randolph: I wanna go home.

OK, you can try the other things I purchased while de- and reinstalling the promenade.

Randolph: That´s much more fun!

In the end I only kept the massage table.

Everyone just got bad moodlets from this thing.


I let them dance together after that. Dancing makes everything better.

102 Unexpected addition to the family tree

Happy New Year! Let´s see, what the future holds.

Arielle had this little guy in her inventory, probably from when she went diving in Isla Paradiso.

Arielle does an audition for a gig. Kisa is having a picnic at the location but decides to go home.

Arielle: Pity, I´m a bit peckish.

She plays for tips instead.

The Proprietor who engaged her is more interested in his romance novel though.

It´s fullmoon and Liam is not tired for some reason, so he goes to meet his ancestor.

Who promptly faints.

Liam: Was it something I said?

Nah, just the other ghosts.

There are a lot out tonight.

Nathan enjoys the trampolin.


This town has a nectary. I let her alone for just a minute.

Arielle: I have my first gig this evening.

OK, whatever.

I send the family for moral support.

Wigbald showed up on his own. It´s nice that he sees his daughter´s first show.

Especially, because I got the message, that he died, just a few days later.

Connie reached level ten of the criminal career and her lifetime wish… not. She spent a lot of time outside the household and the game in it´s infinite wisdom decided to put her in the thief branch instead of the evil branch. So she´s a master thief now, not the empress of evil. I kind of never realised. (Bad simmer!).

So I changed her lifetime wish with her points to living in the lap of luxery, sold a few things, and voilá…

I mean, she technically did reach her goal, right?

I like Cake Island.


It´s Liam´s young adult birthday!



Liam: … I can´t eat cake like this.


Liam: Yes. Thanks.

Crystal: That´s a nice table.

Liam rolls no sense of humour. Now he can really bore people to death. Well, sleep.

The cats still love Miles.

So I bought a cowplant.

It makes me nervous.


Will you stop it!

… I think, I will have to sell it again.


Crystal: What am I doing here?

No clue.

Those two have problems. Their low needs doesn´t make it better.

A sunlight charm helps.

This is a cute picture, methinks.



Liam wants to become a master magician like Nathan.

Arielle works on her singer career. She´s pretty good already.

Liam has to work a bit more.

Another birthday! Crystal becomes a teen.

This nice young woman heartfarted Liam. She was a face one, so I changed her face and hair a bit and made her a werewolf.

They have a nice chat.

Depite that, the first thing she does after that party is marrying another guy and having a child with him.

Speaking of… Kisa! Are you… PREGNANT??

Kisa: Jepp.

But… but you already had one! (*checks storyprogression settings*)

Kisa: Don´t care. I want another one.


Well, um, birthday!

Nice hat.

Crystal: …

Looks better, but she´s an Isolde clone. Liam is a clone of Randolph, btw. It´s not so obvious, because of his different complexion.

Kisa, do you want to give birth here??

Kisa: Nah, I´m going to the hospital. Nice party!

It´s a little girl named Marina. Which I found hilarious, because her dad is Theodor Medina from Isla Paradiso.