119 Who´s Xena?

Suddenly everyone got this moodlet.

Turns out, this is the culprit – this little guy comes with the musical career, apparentely. Never had one before, so I have to thank Scott for this.

Speaking of Scott – he suddenly rolled the wish to „kiss Xena Martin for the first time“. Now, who is Xena (awesome name btw)?? She shows up in his relationship panel as a pretty good friend, but she´s not a collegue, and I´ve never seen her before. Mmmmh….

Arielle retires.


I never plan this things through, so the little party was at the front door.


Liam needs to perform a bit more to reach his lifetimewish.

Benito shows up at the show so I send Crystal over. Judging by her look, Ziyi Yuan never forgave Crystal for stealing her boyfriend.

The show is spectacular!

Stoutland reaches his lifetime wish.

Liam ages up today. Pity.

Liam: Whut?

*Cough* Never mind.

The first guests arrive. Of course, I also invited Xena! Turns out, she´s a curvy face one, so I played a bit with her in CAS. She´s now a werewolf, because I never had a werewolf toddler. Perhaps getting a bit ahead of myself…

Xena: What have you done to my hair??

Improved it. Anyway, I just changed the colour.

She´s cute, and very responsive to  Scott´s charmes. He gets to fulfill his wish, but the picture looks weird.

So here´s him asking her to be his girlfriend. She says yes!

Now, this is actual a birthday party…

Aww, he doesn´t look thrilled!

But he´s a cute elder.

The guests brought tons of food. Very nice, but I wonder, why.

Here´s Teodor. He seems to be a bit glitched, I can´t invite him to parties, but he usually tags along with Kisa.

Xena stays for a bit and the family is eager to get aquainted.

Scott on the other hand needs to neuroticaly brush his teeth after kissing her.

Scott: Everyone knows, girls have cooties.

How old are you again?

A bit later he exchanges a lot more cooties with her in the photo booth, that I only placed there for this reason. She looks pleased.

Scott: Argh!

So, one partner down, two to go.

118 Inconvinient flirting

Arielle swims regularly in the sea to stay a mermaid.

But it´s much easier for me to have a mermaid on a single island. In Isla Paradiso it was really annoying, because they always wanted to swim from one little island to the other.

There´s a sleeping horse in the backyard.

And one at the front door.

I guess, it´s time to clear the caches.

Here we have the „heirs“ of this generation neatly in a row.

I wanted to take more pictures, but Sebastian got hungry and Liam took his place to play videogames. Not funny, guys.

Arielle has an interesting audience at a little show she does.

Arielle: Rowan threw a pizza at me! Such a nice young man!

That „young man“ could be your great-grandfather.

Arielle: But he´s nice nonetheless!

True, I guess.

Here´s a bigger concert.

But I think, she will retire soon.

So, I have a problem. Sebastian and Storm are getting a bit… close.

Friendly hug, ok…

Flirting, not ok…

Goofy looks… really, now.

And talking about boxing gloves. Sure, go on.

Storm has her first day as a criminal. You´re really… inconspicuous. And stuff.

Crystal, what should I do about your daughter? And her wanna-be lover?

Crystal: Shhh! I have to concentrate!

She finally decided on a job, she wants to be an author.

I sent Storm to some lots to find someone else.

What about this one?

Storm: I don´t like him!

Ah, well, he´s married and will be an elder tomorrow anyway.

117 Graduation

Liam performing for tips. He always has problems with the fire.

Levitation is fine.

He has a show later that day.


And it works!

Playing video games is very popular.

Crystal and Stoutland are a bit too close for Arielle´s liking.

But she forgives him.

He gets his punishment later that night.



Learned something, Stoutland?

Stoutland: Aliens are bad?


I found this in the family inventory. It must be a wedding present, I think.

It doesn´t really fit in, so back in the inventory it goes. Very generous gift.

Storm has her birthday.

I gave her kleptomaniac, to go with her lifetime wish to become a master thief, which she rolled after our last burglary, I think.

Scott tried to make waffles. You shouldn´t eat those, sweetie.

Scott: But I´m so hungry…

Try the bazillion leftovers in the fridge.

Crystal is still a young adult, because she is a djinn. She actually now looks younger than her own daughter.

Graduation day is done in style this year.

Liam: Hurry up, we´re late!

It doesn´t happen very often that everyone graduates at the same time.



Olaf also graduates. I have my eyes on him, but I think he already has a girlfriend.

116 Wedding! And some birthdays

Sebastian gives Scott career advise. I think, that´s a very good idea, but he hasn´t rolled that lifetime wish yet.

So let´s try that wedding thingy again.

They keep route failing on the way to the arch.

Arielle nearly falls off the porch…

… then plays with the dragon… while Stoutland just stands there.

I give up and let them have a private wedding in front of the arch.

It works!


There are no guests anymore, but who cares.





You look happy, Arielle.

Arielle: I am!

That´s the most important thing.

Back at home we have a birthday.

Really serious case of crossed eyes.

Cheering in a line.

That´t wonderful.

Much better.

Mortimer and Stoutland don´t really ever speak to each other, but they often paint together.

Randolph takes a shower in his formal wear. Why not.

Mother and daughter look very much alike, but Storm has her dad´s chin.

Scott also has his birthday. He´s having so much fun.

Scott: Hurray and stuff.

His face got kinda stuck, I think.

Scott: Can I keep…


Another handsome guy.

115 This was supposed to be another wedding

Arielle is still working hard on her lifetimewish.

The concert flopps, because Rowan Orange´s wife decides to die on the lot.


So many people come running, that Grim can´t reap her properly and she just kinda poofs after a while.


Sebastian tries to comfort Rowan, while Grim reads a book. Right.

Mortimer and Liam are still giddy from their wedding.

Which is totally cute, especially Mortimer, who is normally so grumpy all the time.

And Arielle reaches her lifetime wish!

It´s also her birthday today, so I thought it would be a good idea to have her and Stoutland marry before she ages up.

Stoutland wanted to serenade her for ages, so this is a good moment.

She liked it!

So much she wants to marry him!

Another case of clumsy proposing.

Arielle: Whooops!

Stoutland: Everything all right?

Arielle: Caught it!

He said yes!

So now the wedding…

Only Arielle has a concert scheduled for that afternoon I wasn´t aware off.

This kid makes his homework at the concert hall. Well.

So, now the wedding…

Let´s have it not at home but at this nice lot at the beach.


Arielle and Stoutland both decide to not wear their wedding clothes…

… which doesn´t matter anyway, because Arielle has her birthday in the middle of the ceremony.

Yay and stuff.

At this point I gave up and sent them home. The thing totally glitched out anyway, they didn´t even get the moodlet for not getting married.

Well, everyone went home apart from Crystal, who had a late night date with Benito.