115 This was supposed to be another wedding

Arielle is still working hard on her lifetimewish.

The concert flopps, because Rowan Orange´s wife decides to die on the lot.


So many people come running, that Grim can´t reap her properly and she just kinda poofs after a while.


Sebastian tries to comfort Rowan, while Grim reads a book. Right.

Mortimer and Liam are still giddy from their wedding.

Which is totally cute, especially Mortimer, who is normally so grumpy all the time.

And Arielle reaches her lifetime wish!

It´s also her birthday today, so I thought it would be a good idea to have her and Stoutland marry before she ages up.

Stoutland wanted to serenade her for ages, so this is a good moment.

She liked it!

So much she wants to marry him!

Another case of clumsy proposing.

Arielle: Whooops!

Stoutland: Everything all right?

Arielle: Caught it!

He said yes!

So now the wedding…

Only Arielle has a concert scheduled for that afternoon I wasn´t aware off.

This kid makes his homework at the concert hall. Well.

So, now the wedding…

Let´s have it not at home but at this nice lot at the beach.


Arielle and Stoutland both decide to not wear their wedding clothes…

… which doesn´t matter anyway, because Arielle has her birthday in the middle of the ceremony.

Yay and stuff.

At this point I gave up and sent them home. The thing totally glitched out anyway, they didn´t even get the moodlet for not getting married.

Well, everyone went home apart from Crystal, who had a late night date with Benito.

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