201 Green baby

I kind of wish, I had made Thanatos the baby daddy.

Okay, he can accompany her to the hospital.


It´s a boy! Raphael is good and disciplined. Also, green.

His dad shows up, but preferes to read a book.

The noboo is quite vocal.

But easily mollified.

Daphne is eager to hold him.

So is Conall.

In fact, everyone wants to cuddle the baby.

Turning into a werewolf is no reason to stop.

But he lays him back, so he can sleep. Good boy.

Daphne: Seriously, guys? This is disgusting.

Carol and Conall: *growl*


The dawn turns them back.

Carol: I feel so… hairy.

Conall: This is so embarassing.


Carol: … but also, fun!

Conall: If you say so.

She´s a pretty one.

The baby-napping continues.

Bryony: … where is my child?

Daphne: Lalala, nothing going on here…

I kind of forgot, that Catherine is a daredevil.

Also, quite popular. Everyone wants to talk to her.

Carol: When I´m a proper secret agent, I´ll totally lock you up!

Rian: … you can try.

Time to age up the baby.

Ain´t he cute?

He seems to be nearly the same shade of green as Catherine, which is quite funny.

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