165 This library needs a photo booth

Everyone in the family is paired up at the moment. Conall seems a bit lonely.

Conall: Ah, I´m good, thank you.

We´re going to the spring festival.

Conall: Ok, then.

The man at the kissing booth leaves as soon as Conall is aproaching. His loss.

Instead he does a bit egg hunting.

He still has a wish to be kissed at the kissing booth. It´s vacant at the moment, so he mans it himself.

No one seems to want to kiss this pretty face.

Conall: I was fine before this, really. Thanks for making me depressed.

Shortly before we leave the festival, the kissing booth man comes back and remembers his work ethics.

Conall takes a bath when he comes home and has an encounter with Benito.

Conall: Lovely day, really. He was totally peeking!

He probably was, I remember him flirting with Liam.

Celia suddenly wants to perform only in her graduation robes.

They are not very revealing, which probably explains the enthusiasm of the audience.

Conall meets Dany at the library. Dany is much younger than he should be – I aged him down a few times, with the vage plan to hook them up later. But he went and got himself married!

Conall: Perhaps he´s open to an affair.

I like his nose. He should have kids.

Henry wandered in and started reading, while those two were staring at each other.

OK, just a little flirt.

And a bit of heat of the moment kissing. If he doesn´t like it, we back off.

Well, no backing off, then.

Oh, look, a photo booth suddenly appeared in the library. I wonder, how that happened?

Conall: Should we… take some photos?

Dany: Seems like a splendid idea!


Henry: OK, that´s too much! I´m leaving!

No one forced you to sit at that desk.

Henry: But I like the colours!

Conall: So, let´s see the photos…

Conall: *gasp*

Not good then?

Conall: Totally got our bad side! No one shall see!

Conall: That was fun!

I´m happy, when you are happy.


Dany seems also quite cheerful.

And all this time, Olaf, emperor of evil, was sleeping peacefully upstairs.

164 More dystopian future

The next days in the future consisted mostly of running around, watching the scenery and collecting things.


Andromeda visits the Plumbot shop and has some nice converstions.

Henry and Erica do some sight-seeing together. Someone hits on Erica, but she totally shoots him down.

She prefers her Henry.

The sunset is stunning.



The food seems to be a bit weird, but edible.

Some landscape pictures.






I think, Luke got one of those.

They had enough skills, so the music was actually great.

The meteors came back and one headed for Franklin, who was fishing. Then the game crashed.

Andromeda visits the park and discovers a statue of Storm!

It´s because she made a sentinen Plumbot, ELIZA. Pretty neat.

Franklin fishes on. No meteor this time.


Some more random pictures.



Henry worked out and is suddenly slim.

It´s a weird look for him.




There´s a performer in the middle of nowhere.

I don´t think, she got a lot of tips.



There are some really intersting sims in this future.

And even a unicorn!

But everyone was whiney and wanted home. So we went.

Again in the sleepwear. Must be regulation.

You can change on the trip. Back home again! Most of them are time-travel sick.

That was interesting. I like the dystopian future a lot more, than the utopian one. Perhaps not so much the meteors.

163 Into the dystopian future

Oh, it´s Randolph and Liam! Hi!

Last week Jan died. Conall is sad.

He will stay at home…

…while the young ones travel to the dystopian future.

Don´t know, why they have to do it in their sleepwear.

Okay, they changed.

It´s kinda gritty.







Emit welcomes them.

Andromeda gets an opportunity to stop the meteors for a while. She has to play in some junk piles.

Seems like fun.

Fire is shooting randomly out of the ground.

Um, Henry, I don´t know, if this is save.

Henry: Right.

Oh, now it´s hot water. You can bath in those.

Henry: No, thanks.

Andromeda has to eat some bugs.


Andromeda: That´s pretty tasty.

OK then.

The next one bit her.

And there´s a meteor impact.

Celia nearly got squashed. As it is, she calmly extinguishes the fire with her magic.

That´s a big one.

It´s getting dark.



Another meteor. My game doesn´t really likes that, it´s pretty shaky.

And good night.

162 Love and death

Gabby is walking the dog. Miles seems to follow her for some reason.

No, he´s going ahead.

Which causes Gabby to take her car.

While the poor doggy has to walk home alone. Well done.

Eric drew this. It´s pretty.

It´s his birthday and we´re having a party. Henry began rolling wishes for some”Erica”, so who´s Erica?

This is Erica Brock- after I mixed up her face one a bit. Didn´t change her skin and hair tone.

It´s  kind of a whirlwind romance.


They´re cute together.

And now she belongs to us!

Milli does some birthday serenading (ok, not really).

He gains some weight and looses some hair – ok, we can fix that. He rolls flirty.

Much better.

Conall uses the opportunity to tell Erica, that he really wants some grandchildren. Too soon, Conall, really.

I love Celia in this dress.

Conall tends to eat raw fish from his inventory, when he´s hungry, instead of cooking something.

Conall: IT´S SO TASTY!

You´re kind of worrying me a bit.

Eric wants to become a star news anchor, but he´s still artistic.

Aww, stop it guys!

Andromeda in her work outfit. Seems not quite appropriate for the weather.

Luke also in his work outfit. He´s working on his logic.

Henry just has to make some potions now and then, so he can laze around in the hot-tub with Erica.

You got yourself a pretty one, Henry.

Btw, she´s a slob, has a good sense of humour, is family-oriented, a natural cook and charismatic.

Jan after another night shift as a ghosthunter. I wanted him to top the career, but there isn´t enough time.

So he retires.


Ghost (is that Sebastian?): Soon you will be one of us!

Jan: Not yet. Now get the hell out of my husband! I still have my banshee banisher, you know?

Jan: Much better!

It´s snowflake day. Moritz is an elder now.

Conall, you´re about to kiss your husband, no thinking of your puppy love, ok?

Conall: OK.


So Dany has the hots for Jan now?

And Jan for Dany. Ok.

Opening the presents.


Well, it seems love is in the air.



Oh, look, that´s Dany´s husband, Marco.

Another face one.

Much better.


No one seemed to be interested in the presents anymore, so Eric opened the rest. He managed to get about five easels.

Erica stayed the night.

They´re still at it!

Eric is flirty now, so he flirts! Celia doesn´t like it.

Eric: Aw, come on, don´t be like that!

Celia: Ew.

Celia: Let me describe how much I don´t have the hots for you.

Eric: You´re a cold-hearted person.


And Jan´s time is up.



That looks uncomfortable.

Jan: No worries, I´m already dead.


Jan: Well, what can I say…



Conall was stuck and came to late.

He seems to be really angry.

And doesn´t sleep in their bed anymore. My poor Conall!

Goodbye Jan! You are an awesome sim!

161 Preparing the dystopian future

The Earthsong-Dust family is an artistic one.

Celia performs for tips, while Miles builds an igloo.

It´s a good one.

Gabby: Either get inside, or go home, you´re burning up!

Miles: Well, so are you!

They both went home after that, which is good.

Celia and Rowan´s son, Olaf Sato-Orange seem to be pretty interested in each other.

Even though Celia made a great first impression.

Celia: Blub.

They really hit it off, but manage to drive their relationship into the red, while I´m not looking. Olaf is evil and the emperor of that. He can be mean.

I was distracted by this hole in the fabric of the universe.

Perhaps a lot not properly attached to the road.

The weather is really nice.

Celia has a show. Rowan seems to be having a conspirative meeting behind the stage setting. But I think, it´s all a misunderstanding.

Rowan: Just because I´m a fairy, doesn´t mean I´m part of Marina´s drug cartel!

Doesn´t help, that the mob boss is his son.


Luna and Moritz come to the show. I moved them out, so Luke and Franklin can join the family. Moritz is upset about something. Andromeda tries to help.

And here we have Olaf kissing his wife. Good thing, that Celia is already taken.

Learning stuff.

On the way to learn stuff.

In the meantime, Henry summons Emit Relevart to change the future to the dystopian version.

First he has to attract some asteroids.

Then he has to convince people to litter. I like the concept.

Random winter night picture of Hidden Springs from high above.

More convincing. Don´t know, why he does it in his sleepwear.

He´s also really hungry, so we go home.

Next day the last one.

And now we can visit the dystopian future anytime we want. Gotta wait a bit, though.

160 Ghost gnome

It´s spooky day and we have a little party. Nothing much happens.

Marina looks lovely as a mermaid, but I´m not sure about the boots.

Marina: At least my feet are warm.

Because my game is a bit confused since I disabled full moon (because it can bork werewolves), it is also prom for the boys. None of them got a romantic interest, which is good.

Some random pictures, because pretty.





It´s also Henry´s birthday.

He rolls loser. So he´s a neurotic, heavy sleeping, ambitous, cowardly loser. Poor guy. His lifetime wish is alchemy artisan, he has to reach level 10 in alchemy and use 50 potions.

Looking good.

It´s graduation day. Celia still gets the moodlet from sleeping with a teddy bear, despite being not childish. Probably glitched, but it´s kinda cute.


More pretty pictures.


Someone found a ghost gnome in the claw machine. So now there are ghosts from all over the town visiting.


It´s pretty hard on Henry.

Henry: This is really embarassing! I can´t keep fainting like that!

Well, you are a coward…

Henry: True. Ooooh, what if there are more of them?

There are.

Henry: I just pretend, nothing happened.

Randolph stays for a while.

Andromeda invited Franklin to ask him to be her boyfriend.

Uhm, Conall, do you mind?…

Conall: Aww, but they are so cute.

Conall: It´s like a sitcom.

(He kept staring at them and nodding approvingly the whole time. It was hilarious.)

They celebrate in the tree house.


159 Defiling beds

Why are random relatives smooching in my house? Must be a party!

Still into each other. That makes me happy.

Gabby: Now let´s defile their bed!

Miles: Yeah!


We invited Luke, so Celia can make their relationship official.

First kiss…


… and asking to go steady.

It´s a good thing, that sims are all about gender equality.

Celia: No problem at all.

Luke seems to be really happy.

Let´s defile some more beds.

Afterwards Celia has to rush off to a show I forgot about.

She´s getting better.

The real reason for the party is Jan´s birthday.


Jan: Eh, not bad.

I will miss that glorious hair.

The next day Storm dies.


She´s not happy about it.

But the Grim Reaper doesn´t make exceptions, as usual.

Henry remembers, that he´s a  coward.

Life goes on. Celia performs for tips.

I really like this costume.

Old age is no reason to stop having fun.

Conall: You still rock the eyeliner, you know that?

Jan: He, thank you!

Conall will outlive Jan, but they still have some time.

Next birthday. Eric turns into a teenager.

He rolls dog person. I give him an appropriate shirt.

There´s a lively discussion while eating the cake, but I have no clue, what they are talking about.

The llama mascot shows up, but he kind of forgot his costume.

Goodbye Storm. I had a lot of fun with you!

158 Invisible performer

Shaoran likes to meditate even in death.

Speaking of death, I added Storm back to the family, because she will die soon. She seems to be having fun, though.

Storm: No time like the present.

Celia starts her career and performs for tips.


There´s also graduation.


Jan and Conall have some fun in the hot tub.


What were you doing while I wasn´t looking?

Conall: Totally none of your business.

Jan: Also, that would be telling.

Storm doesn´t seem to be very fragile.

Conall and Jan are stir crazy, so they go on a date to watch some invisible performer.

Jan: It´s so good!

Conall: Really awesome!

Guys, there´s no one there. At least, no one that I can see.

Jan: She´s kind of right.

Conall: Let´s make our own entertainment.


Jan: Nice transformation.

Conall: Thanks.

They spent the rest of the show smooching.


Back at home, Conall reads Eric a night time story.

It even works.

The next day, Conall is human again and plays with the chicks.

Afterwards, he helps Jan to fulfil his LTW.

Jan: Last night was wild. Let´s do that again.

Conall: Alright.

157 Birthdays and fairies

I took the board-breaking thingy away, because everthing Conall does in his freetime is breaking space rocks, and there are gems everywhere. Now he spends all of his time with the training dummy. Sigh.

Luna prefers videogames. Moritz likes to watch her play.

Jan doesn´t really know, what he likes to do.

Jan: Huh?

Never mind.

Eating is always an option.

Of course, there are other fun activities.

There´s enough place in the household, so Milli, Guadelupe and Eric move in for a while.

Playing peek-a-boo.



Henry ages up.

He rolls coward.

Henry: The world is a dangerous place. I want to hide somewhere.

He´s now afraid of his dad doing laundry.

Jan: Seriously?

Nah, just kidding. There was a ghost.

Guadelupe and Milli seem to be very happy with each other.


Sims are all for gender equality.

Learning about rocks.

Here are some big ones.



We have some potions lying around.


He got the bumblebee wings! Cute!.

Time for Eric´s birthday.

I hope, he´s not a clone of his mom. He loves the outdoors, is artistic and now rolls perceptive.

Adriana shows up in her werewolf form. Nobody seems to care.

Storm stays a bit longer.

Which is a good thing, because Andromeda and Celia age up, too.

Celia wants to become a master acrobat, so I give her natural born performer. Andromeda rolls handy. She wants to become a superstar athlete.

I forgot to take “after” pictures. Whoops. Well, they don´t change that much.

156 Butt on fire

Random landscape pictures (again), because pretty.


Conall wanted to do some inventing. Something went wrong.

Uhm, Conall?

Conall: Mmmmh?

You don´t think, something is… amiss?

Conall: It´s a bit warm in here, now that you mention it.

That may be, because YOUR BUTT IS ON FIRE!


Conall: Maybe I should go outside?

Conall: It´s a beautiful day…

It may be your last one, because, you know, butt, fire?

He finally gets it.

Conall: Aaaaah! Fire!

Conall: Aaaaaaaaaaah!!

Stop staring and get inside!

Conall: Don´t push me.

Turn around!

Conall: I can´t! I´m a sim!

Conall: You could have helped me out there, you know?

Well, I would have. Eventually.

One sim saved, but another is lost. Ingrid dies of old age.


She doesn´t want to go.


Kosta is heartbroken.


Poor guy.

The girls go to prom and score themselves some romantic interests. Both are face ones, so I gave them some more intersting genetics.

This is Andromeda´s RI, Franklin Weidling. I combined Rowan Orange (to finally get some of his genes) and Evelyn Kwon (a former paper girl of Hidden Springs). He looks cute.

And Celia´s RI, Luke Ransom. He got Adriana Busch Espinoza (the pretty werewolf I didn´t know the name of) aaaand… the Grim Reaper (he was an option, what do you expect me to do??). Also cute.

While the girls went home, they stayed and did their homework. Ok, then.

On the left is Bianca Shue-Riverhawk, who I really would have liked to have in the family. Funnily enough, she´s gay, but my girls are not.

And it´s time for Kosta to go.

I guess, he´s eager to see his wife again.

Grim stays for a bit and does some laundry.

Thanks, I guess?

Goodbye, Ingrid and Kosta.