196 Last Venue of Amore

So I sent Julius and Eric to the Last Venue of Amore lot. I also let Carol invite Rian. Julius and him don´t seem to get along.

Have a potion! It´s nothing drastic though.

Julius: I wanted to throw that flask of bees.

I need him right now, sorry. Maybe later.

So let´s have some romance.

Um. This is not exactly, what I had in mind.

Ah, well. They seem to enjoy themselves.


The other two wandered off. Eric discovers some dogs. He´s a dog person. Don´t know, why he isn´t wearing his outerwear, though.

There´s Erica´s boy toy. I changed his face one a tiny bit. He´s kinda cute.

There´s Milli having a picnic all by herself. The townies seem to love that lot. But it´s so enormous, that it´s slowning down my game, the gondola ride is beyond buggy and so I deleted it after this. Pity. Maybe I´ll build a smaller venue.

Sixty-nine and Thanatos wohoo in the car. Afterwards, they seem to want to carry on in the time machine.

They get disrupted, though. Thanatos is weirdly popular.

Don´t know, what this is about.

The next day, Thanatos meets Rian in the library.

He tells him, that he´s a private eye.

THIS is a creepy expression.

They have a nice conversation afterwards, though.

And Rian gets a good luck spell.

Bryony got the opportunity to tutor this teen. Why she does it in the snow is everyone´s guess.

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