114 A wedding

The house is messy and full of people. Whatever could it mean?

It´s Liam´s and Mortimer´s wedding day!

Well, it would be, if they were actually engaged. Which they are not, what I only realized, when I couldn´t click on the wedding arch. Bad simmer. But I can fix that.

Liam: What was I about to say?

Mortimer: I don´t know. Something about diamonds?

Liam: Ah, yes, right, diamonds! On rings!

Mortimer: Huh?

Liam: I have it here, somewhere…

Mortimer: Whatever are you talking about? Did you lose something?

Liam: I mean, will you marry… ooops… marry me? (He´s clumsy, so he fumbled the box).

Mortimer: Oh.

Mortimer: Yes!


So, now they can use the arch. Liam is confused again. His absent-mindedness is really playing up today. Must be nerves.

Liam: I´m so happy, but I don´t know, whyyyyyy…

Mortimer: *deep breath*

Liam: Oh, yes, it´s because of you!

Mortimer: Yes. Now give me your hand, you doofus.





Arielle: Isn´t it romantic??

Scott: Well, about time, I guess. Parents are so embarrassing. Where´s the cake?


Being frisky already. Down, boys!



Scott + Sebastian: Isolde. Has cake. Isolde.

Isolde: Uhm, boys? There´s enough for everyone?

Of course they threw a routing tantrum and didn´t get any.

Isolde: More for me.

Gabby: Weddings are nice and all, but I´m only here for the chickens.

Gabby: *smoooooch*

Gabby: That was nice. I´ll go home now.

Marina stayed for a bit and played basketball with Crystal.


How a fairy can land on her butt is beyond me. Maybe it´s all about balance.



The djinn doesn´t fare any better.

But they had fun.

It was a nice wedding.


113 Magical gnome

Liam is still working on his lifetime wish. Here he summons another gnome. Not to be ungratefull, but we already have a million or so of those.

Crystal on the other hand has mastered three skills and reaches her LTW.

Oh, look, it´s a birthday!

Storm is aging up to a teenager.


She looks a lot like her mum, but she´s not a clone! Yay!

Isolde´s sister Mary came to the pary in a towel. Doesn´t seem to bother her.

Yes, Randolph, the washing machine breaks if you ice-blast it. And now I can´t even make you repair it anymore. Thank you, dear.

Scott goes to Stephan´s house after school. Stephan is absent, but he gets some tutoring from Rowan.

Stoutland ages up to a full adult.


Stoutland: Do you think, I should keep this hair?

Sebastian: Dad. No.

Stoutland: OK, then.

Sebastian: Phew!

Arielle has a sing-a-gram for Miles. He is seriously creepy in the fullmoon light.

Gabby is not.

The massage table is very popular.


Uh, I don´t know, if you should be moving with all those needles in you…

Scott: It´s fine.


Joe: Hey, you got your wings back, Jaron!

Indeed, he did! The wings didn´t show up in Isla Paradiso, but they do now!

Jaron then fished this car out of his pocket and drove off.

Hi, Violetta!

Arielle has a big concert.

The audience is still creepy.

112 Some birthdays

Sebastian aged up on a day I had some serious lag in my game, so no party.

Growing up a bit more slowly than usual.

Uhm… you okay?

Sebastian: I´m Mister Fantastic. Cool!

Looks more like Indiana Jones to me.

Sebastian: Drat.

This is better. He rolled savvy sculptor.

Randolph is visiting.


Casual Saturday morning.

Here´s a better look at Sebastian. His eyes are a bit weird.

No lag, so Scott gets a party. Here we have Stephan, and an uninvited face one party crasher, I had a bit fun with (after I was finished, I discovered, that he will age up in one day, so sadly, it won´t stick).

Stephan is cute.

So is Kyle Mulder.

Blowing out the candles.

Scott: I´m so cool.


He rolled family oriented.

We have enough drinks for everyone.

I totally forgot Scott´s glasses. Let´s just pretend, he´s wearing contacts.

And Crystal is still wearing her wedding gown. Ah, well.

The picture on the right is from Violetta, the one on the left from Mortimer. He definitly is more gloomy than our founder.

Arielle and Liam are performing for tips in the park, when David Ziggfield dies.

Arielle is sad, he was a good friend of her.

I´m also (still) sad, because of RL David dying.

Stoutland seems to try to interest his son in painting.

Stoutland: You really should try it!

Sebastian: Hahaha, no!

In retrospect, he really should have.

Catherine visits out of the blue.


Scott: This person seems familiar. Where have I seen those boobs this face before?

Crystal: That´s my MOM, you doofus!

Scott: My bad. Yes, I can see the resemblance.

(There is none. Crystal is a face clone of Isolde. Although she does have Cathy´s body structure.)

Catherine is chatting with everyone.

We also get an alien visitor but she can stay outside.

Bye, Cathy! You can vistit any time you like, I kind of miss you!

111 Kisses or cake

Starting with Randolph, who even as a ghost doesn´t do what everyone else does (namely, just sitting in the rocking chair).

But Joe is pretty adventurous today as well.

Hey Joe, where are you going?

Joe: ….

He poofed when the sun came up. Perhaps he was just going for a walk?

Double gig at the park.

This is Andrea, the husband of Palmira Medina, Teodor Medina´s daughter, with their son. So this child is Marina´s … nephew. Yes.

The boys play a lot together.

I´m always amazed, when this works.

Scott visits Stephan after school. The house has several tables, but they decide to do their homework in some corner at the floor. Well, so long as it does gets done…

It´s weekend and everyone wanted to go to the festival. So here we are.

Liam bores poor Benito to death.

Liam: Wasn´t me.

Was totally you.

Mortimer ages up to adult.

You don´t look any different.

Mortimer: But I´m old now.

Liam: You still look hot! Let´s kiss!

Mortimer: But I want cake!

Liam: Kissing now, cake later!

It was a nice party.

As soon as everyone is finally in bed, there is a burglary. Of course.

The cop beats up the burglar…

… but then she has to swoon about Liam, so the thief escapes.

Ah, well, nothing was stolen.