111 Kisses or cake

Starting with Randolph, who even as a ghost doesn´t do what everyone else does (namely, just sitting in the rocking chair).

But Joe is pretty adventurous today as well.

Hey Joe, where are you going?

Joe: ….

He poofed when the sun came up. Perhaps he was just going for a walk?

Double gig at the park.

This is Andrea, the husband of Palmira Medina, Teodor Medina´s daughter, with their son. So this child is Marina´s … nephew. Yes.

The boys play a lot together.

I´m always amazed, when this works.

Scott visits Stephan after school. The house has several tables, but they decide to do their homework in some corner at the floor. Well, so long as it does gets done…

It´s weekend and everyone wanted to go to the festival. So here we are.

Liam bores poor Benito to death.

Liam: Wasn´t me.

Was totally you.

Mortimer ages up to adult.

You don´t look any different.

Mortimer: But I´m old now.

Liam: You still look hot! Let´s kiss!

Mortimer: But I want cake!

Liam: Kissing now, cake later!

It was a nice party.

As soon as everyone is finally in bed, there is a burglary. Of course.

The cop beats up the burglar…

… but then she has to swoon about Liam, so the thief escapes.

Ah, well, nothing was stolen.

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