110 Not a wedding

Liam is still playing favourites.

On the other hand, the boys are now too big to be picked up like that.

Liam rolled the midlife crisis wish to have a beard. Just no.

Liam: Where did it go??

It doesn´t suit you. Moving on.

Ah, no, Liam is good with all kids.


Should I give them more clothes? … Nah.

It´s Storm´s birthday party already.



She rolls brave.

Storm: I will bravely eat ALL of the cake.


You see that?? The Rowan has finally spawned! Meaning, Rowan married a woman who is not an elder for a change. This is Stephan. He´s cute.

This one also. I didn´t write down his name, but I know his last name is Mulder, which makes him interesting enough.

Benito stays the night.

The three heirs of this generation in fierce battle.

The other two wander off, but Stoutland comes and watches his son play.

Liam is magically upgrading stuff to raise his skill level.

Storm found the rocking horse. She will ride it a lot during her childhood.

It´s raining, but we have plans for today. So I test this thingy.

Looks pretty cool.


Rain begone!


It worked! Now we will have a nice wedding on a community lot. Why did I decide to do that?

Of course, it got dark. And where´s the groom?

Oh, still at the home lot playing the guitar.

Now hurry!

Good thing, I bought him a fast car before he moved out.

Crystal: Where are you??

Benito: On my way!

So let´s do this. The guests are hungry, but at least no one has left yet.




So it was all romantic and stuff, and then something went wrong and now they are not married, even if the most certainly went through the ceremony. I guess it´s because the houshold is full. Bummer, though.

Well, at least the guests had fun.

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