109 Deer in the bathroom

Last time little Storm was born. Let´s age her up!

Liam: Why am I holding the baby?

No clue.

Liam: I´m holding her again.

Yeah, he seems to snatch her up a lot. Perhaps because he wanted a girl when he was pregnant. He also cares for the boys, but I think, Storm is his favourite.

First time to really use that toddler playpen. The boys are having a lot of fun and are best friends already.

It´s snowflake day!

Miles seems to have been naughty. He got coal.

Slightly out of synch peek-a-boo.

Scott: Where you looking?

Storm: Me no longer play wiv you.

Arielle forgot her clothes after showering. Must be cold.

Arielle: Nah, it´s refreshing.

Whatever you say. Please go inside before the paper child comes.

I often buy things as the daily deal and then use them much later. With so many artistic sims the glass blowing station seems like a good idea.

Arielle is a good mum.

Stoutland made and tested the panther perfum, but only got sick.

I also ploppped down grandpa´s grove.


The family doesn´t own the lot, but can do a hayride anyway.

Stoutland seems to be having fun.

Mortimer and Liam discuss Mort´s career.

I changed his lifetime wish from designer to physical perfection with his points shortly after this. The career is buggy and with two other high maintainance careers (Liam´s and Arielle´s) it just got too much. Mortimer spends most of his time training the martial arts anyway.

Speaking of Arielle´s career… This looks awesome!

Liam already has his adult birthday.

Liam: Oh, boy! How exciting!

Liam: I´m old. This hair is crap. And I don´t like this shirt.

Can someone please NOT have a midlife crisis?

There. Changed your hair back and got rid of the shirt altogether. You look pretty fit, I have to say. Nice abs.

Liam: I don´t know…

Your boyfriend seems to like it.

Liam: Oh, well, he must be right.

Only two toddlers in the playpen. Meh.

But we can take turns.

Crystal is on her way to max the mixing skill.

Fullmoon toddler explosion!

He rolls dog person.

Sebastian: I want a dog.

Sorry, no room. Go play with the cats.

Sebastian: OK.

Scott gets a party. I do parties or not like the mood strikes.


Only a small gathering this time.

Scott: Meep.

He rolls virtuoso.

Liam: Time to go to bed. I´m already seeing deers.

Deer: Stupid human! I AM here!

Deer: He closed the door! They all shall feel my wrath!

*Teleports away*

Well, that was spooky.

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