110 Not a wedding

Liam is still playing favourites.

On the other hand, the boys are now too big to be picked up like that.

Liam rolled the midlife crisis wish to have a beard. Just no.

Liam: Where did it go??

It doesn´t suit you. Moving on.

Ah, no, Liam is good with all kids.


Should I give them more clothes? … Nah.

It´s Storm´s birthday party already.



She rolls brave.

Storm: I will bravely eat ALL of the cake.


You see that?? The Rowan has finally spawned! Meaning, Rowan married a woman who is not an elder for a change. This is Stephan. He´s cute.

This one also. I didn´t write down his name, but I know his last name is Mulder, which makes him interesting enough.

Benito stays the night.

The three heirs of this generation in fierce battle.

The other two wander off, but Stoutland comes and watches his son play.

Liam is magically upgrading stuff to raise his skill level.

Storm found the rocking horse. She will ride it a lot during her childhood.

It´s raining, but we have plans for today. So I test this thingy.

Looks pretty cool.


Rain begone!


It worked! Now we will have a nice wedding on a community lot. Why did I decide to do that?

Of course, it got dark. And where´s the groom?

Oh, still at the home lot playing the guitar.

Now hurry!

Good thing, I bought him a fast car before he moved out.

Crystal: Where are you??

Benito: On my way!

So let´s do this. The guests are hungry, but at least no one has left yet.




So it was all romantic and stuff, and then something went wrong and now they are not married, even if the most certainly went through the ceremony. I guess it´s because the houshold is full. Bummer, though.

Well, at least the guests had fun.

109 Deer in the bathroom

Last time little Storm was born. Let´s age her up!

Liam: Why am I holding the baby?

No clue.

Liam: I´m holding her again.

Yeah, he seems to snatch her up a lot. Perhaps because he wanted a girl when he was pregnant. He also cares for the boys, but I think, Storm is his favourite.

First time to really use that toddler playpen. The boys are having a lot of fun and are best friends already.

It´s snowflake day!

Miles seems to have been naughty. He got coal.

Slightly out of synch peek-a-boo.

Scott: Where you looking?

Storm: Me no longer play wiv you.

Arielle forgot her clothes after showering. Must be cold.

Arielle: Nah, it´s refreshing.

Whatever you say. Please go inside before the paper child comes.

I often buy things as the daily deal and then use them much later. With so many artistic sims the glass blowing station seems like a good idea.

Arielle is a good mum.

Stoutland made and tested the panther perfum, but only got sick.

I also ploppped down grandpa´s grove.


The family doesn´t own the lot, but can do a hayride anyway.

Stoutland seems to be having fun.

Mortimer and Liam discuss Mort´s career.

I changed his lifetime wish from designer to physical perfection with his points shortly after this. The career is buggy and with two other high maintainance careers (Liam´s and Arielle´s) it just got too much. Mortimer spends most of his time training the martial arts anyway.

Speaking of Arielle´s career… This looks awesome!

Liam already has his adult birthday.

Liam: Oh, boy! How exciting!

Liam: I´m old. This hair is crap. And I don´t like this shirt.

Can someone please NOT have a midlife crisis?

There. Changed your hair back and got rid of the shirt altogether. You look pretty fit, I have to say. Nice abs.

Liam: I don´t know…

Your boyfriend seems to like it.

Liam: Oh, well, he must be right.

Only two toddlers in the playpen. Meh.

But we can take turns.

Crystal is on her way to max the mixing skill.

Fullmoon toddler explosion!

He rolls dog person.

Sebastian: I want a dog.

Sorry, no room. Go play with the cats.

Sebastian: OK.

Scott gets a party. I do parties or not like the mood strikes.


Only a small gathering this time.

Scott: Meep.

He rolls virtuoso.

Liam: Time to go to bed. I´m already seeing deers.

Deer: Stupid human! I AM here!

Deer: He closed the door! They all shall feel my wrath!

*Teleports away*

Well, that was spooky.

108 Snowstorm

There´s a lot of snow this winter.

Sebastian has his birthday. He´s looking fierce!

I moved Benito in for a few days to make things easier. He hates the outdoors, is unlucky, irresistable, a schmoozer and an angler.

I would have changed in something else, but what do I know?

Benito is delighted, anyway.


A bit later Crystal has to dash to the bathroom.

Scott is very in demand.

But Sebastian also gets attention.

Here we have toddler Scott.

And the next noboo in the making.

Mortimer is still designing houses.

Kisa likes his work.

Double skilling.

Double drawing. Painting. Whatever.

Crystal´s back is hurting, so the massage table comes in handy.

I just don´t know, if she should have been lying on that belly that way.

Crystal: No worries.

Crystal is hogging Scott, while at the same time phoning Benito, who already moved out again. The poor little guy is hungry.

Mortimer: Can that woman let go of my son, so that I can feed him?? 

Mortimer: Mine!

Grumpy dad loves his son.

Sebastian is a witch like his dad Stoutland, rather than a mermaid like his mom. I´m kind of glad, mermaids are exhausting. But he got the fish pattern anyway.

Scott is a normal sim, by the way.

And the next one!

There´s still time to catch some snowflakes before going to the hospital.


And we have a girl. Storm rolled loner and I gave her loves the cold, just because.

Benito came to the hospital and Chrystal invites him to stay the night. He´s a nice guy.

107 So much labour!

We start with an excelent example of sim parenting. The little girl is starving on the floor, while her parents are enjoying some lunch. Liam can´t give her a bottle, because he „doesn´t know the family good enough“.

Some three or four hours later.

Arielle has a midlife crisis.

Arielle: Are those wrinkels?

No, sweetie, you look fine.

But we have to start the new generation, so Marina, Kisa and Teodor move out.

Arielle has a sing-a-gram for Miles, but has to make a detour to the toilet.

She doesn´t bother to put on her singer outfit after that.

Miles is HUNGRY, but I stuffed his inventory with plasma fruits, before he moved out.

Arielle knows him good enough to give him a new one.

Her pregnancy outfit is actually pretty colour coordinated.

Feeling sick?

Liam: MPFH!

Well, it´s his sleep wear.

Mortimer starts his designer career. It´s easy enough, but it´s already bugging out on me – he waits for hours for the customers.

I never had two pregnant sims at the same time. I thought, this would be funny.


Arielle is farther along, though.

Liam: Oh, no, you are in labour!

Arielle: But I´m so hungry!

Liam: Fear not, I´ll summon an ambulance!

Mortimer: Oh, no, you are in labour!

Mortimer: Don´t really care, let´s wohoo with my boyfriend.

Liam: Forget the ambulance, that´s a much better idea. Hey, I´m pregnant!

Stoutland: Is something the matter, dear?

Arielle: I would prefer to have a show right now.

Stoutland: Oh, no, you are in labour!

Liam & Mortimer: *smooching*

Ariella: I REALLY would prefer to have a show right now.

It´s a boy!

Little Sebastian loves the cold and is friendly.

Liam: I feel funny.

Well, you look funny.

Liam: Geez, thanks. You COULD give us a better pregnancy outfit, you know.

Nope, too funny.

Liam: Ouch. I think the food was bad.

Benito (what´s he doing here, anyway?): Oh, no, you are in labour!

Arielle: Oh, no, you are in labour!

Liam: This shit is really tiring.

And another boy! Little Scott rolled neurotic and friendly.