136 Some birthdays

I find Miles and Gabby in the library one night. Looks, as if they are alright.

I don´t know, why they are in formal and working clothes, but to each their own, I guess.


Storm is pregnant from the time traveler, but that doesn´t stop her from tending the garden.

Storm: It´s a mess.

You´re completly right.

And baby time!

It´s a girl! Little Luna rolled loves the heat and excitable.

Ingrid instantly latches on her.

Ingrid: I want my own.

A bit later, perhaps.

Ingrid: I could start right now.


This is Rowan´s son, Olaf.

So let´s age her up, I´m curious.

Well, that´s not the hair I wanted.

Storm: Tough.

Conall also aged up, but didn´t get a cake. He´s still cute!

He rolled rebelious. Doesn´t look like it.

And last, but not least, Storm ages up to adult.

Storm: Yay!

Storm: Not yay. Everything is terrible!

Midlife crisis. Of course.

There´s another evil gnome, don´t know, where it came from. I sold the last one, perhaps I keep it this time.

135 Death and impregnation

Conall is still cute.

He´s the joy of his grandpa.

However, his others grandpa´s time is up.




Mortimer doesn´t want to go. But, as usual, begging doesn´t work.

Liam is heart broken.

Scott also takes it pretty hard.



Liam starts sleeping in one of the single beds, instead of using the double he shared with Mortimer.

Poor guy.

In other news, Xena has her elder birthday.

There are no decent clothes for elders. That´s discrimination.

So, there´s a free space in the house. I don´t want Storm and Sebastian to have a child together, but they have to continue the line. Sebastian already has Ingrid, and now he invites his good friend Emit Relevart.

Yay master controler.

Storm suddenly doesn´t feel so peachy.

I hope, the noboo will get the time travelers hair colour.

Storm: I´m suddenly pregnant. You don´t happen to know something about that?

Sebastian: Huh? Me? No, ask the Watcher.

I deny everything.

Goodbye, Mortimer, you adorable hunk grump, ok, both. Adorable grumpy hunk!

134 Rainy wedding

Scott thinks, it´s time to pop the question.

Luckily, Xena says yes!



It´s a wedding party!

Uhm, Storm?

Storm: She´s hot!

Storm: I would totally go there!

Didn´t know, you were bi. Whatever floats your boat, but perhaps not today? With the wedding and all?

Storm: They are doing it, too?

They are married, not under my control, and you have a boyfriend. Anyway, wedding!


It starts to rain, but no one seems to be bothered.



Crystal throws rice from a distance, but that´s okay.

Now, cake!


Only the newlyweds manage to get cake, and they don´t sit on the same table, but, well. Sims.

Crystal stays the night and plays the bass the whole time.

The next day Xena wants to take a walk with the stroller.

Normally I don´t give them ones, because they are so glitchy, but this is nice.

Although they take a cab back home.

Xena: My feet hurt.

OK, then.

Mortimer sketches Liam.

Mortimer: Show me your strong arms!

Liam: Like this?

Liam: Or like this?

Liam: Morty? Are you done yet? I think, my face is stuck.

Mortimer: Voilà!

Liam: Are you kidding me?

Mortimer: Yes.

133 Werewolf toddler

So, there´s a horse in the living room.

Also, Xena is pregnant.

And already giving birth. Storm seems very distressed.

Storm: She´s in labour! Do something!

Relax, dear.

Mortimer seems reluctant.

Mortimer: Do I really have to?

Xena: ´fraid so.

Mortimer: Oh, well. *deep breath*

Mortimer: Oh, no, she´s in labour!

Xena: Very good!

Mortimer: Can I go now?

Xena: Yes, thank you!

Here we have little Conall. He rolled disciplined and clumsy. That could be fun. He´s a werewolf, like his mom! Yes! Werewolf toddler!

He´s very in demand. Grandpa Liam manages to give him his first bottle.

Xena: He stole my child!

Sebastian: I just wanna hold him for a while.

Xena: Mine! *growl*

He looks like a very happy noboo.

Storm: Let´s have a party!


Hello, Isolde!

Mortimer: Why did I pick him up?

He was crying.

Mortimer: He´s still crying.

You could cuddle him a bit?

Mortimer: No.

Well, he seems to have calmed down. He got his Mommy´s hair! Isn´t he the cutest??

Kosta decides to try the piano.

Ingrid puts a very tired toddler to bed.

Mortimer takes a nap. The party and the toddler have worn him out.

I don´t know, what happened to Ingrid. Looks like she blew herself up and then played basket ball, until she was stinky.

Ingrid: Yeah, that´s about it.

Fullmoon Mommy distresses Conall.

Xena: No worries, sweetie, Mommy just gets a bit hairy once a month.

Xena: Here comes the CLAW!

I don´t know, if this is helping, Xena!!

Ah, well, he seems fine.

He´s a ferocious werewolf himself, after all!

I gave him a chair to scratch. Ugh, he´s so cute!