107 So much labour!

We start with an excelent example of sim parenting. The little girl is starving on the floor, while her parents are enjoying some lunch. Liam can´t give her a bottle, because he „doesn´t know the family good enough“.

Some three or four hours later.

Arielle has a midlife crisis.

Arielle: Are those wrinkels?

No, sweetie, you look fine.

But we have to start the new generation, so Marina, Kisa and Teodor move out.

Arielle has a sing-a-gram for Miles, but has to make a detour to the toilet.

She doesn´t bother to put on her singer outfit after that.

Miles is HUNGRY, but I stuffed his inventory with plasma fruits, before he moved out.

Arielle knows him good enough to give him a new one.

Her pregnancy outfit is actually pretty colour coordinated.

Feeling sick?

Liam: MPFH!

Well, it´s his sleep wear.

Mortimer starts his designer career. It´s easy enough, but it´s already bugging out on me – he waits for hours for the customers.

I never had two pregnant sims at the same time. I thought, this would be funny.


Arielle is farther along, though.

Liam: Oh, no, you are in labour!

Arielle: But I´m so hungry!

Liam: Fear not, I´ll summon an ambulance!

Mortimer: Oh, no, you are in labour!

Mortimer: Don´t really care, let´s wohoo with my boyfriend.

Liam: Forget the ambulance, that´s a much better idea. Hey, I´m pregnant!

Stoutland: Is something the matter, dear?

Arielle: I would prefer to have a show right now.

Stoutland: Oh, no, you are in labour!

Liam & Mortimer: *smooching*

Ariella: I REALLY would prefer to have a show right now.

It´s a boy!

Little Sebastian loves the cold and is friendly.

Liam: I feel funny.

Well, you look funny.

Liam: Geez, thanks. You COULD give us a better pregnancy outfit, you know.

Nope, too funny.

Liam: Ouch. I think the food was bad.

Benito (what´s he doing here, anyway?): Oh, no, you are in labour!

Arielle: Oh, no, you are in labour!

Liam: This shit is really tiring.

And another boy! Little Scott rolled neurotic and friendly.

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