112 Some birthdays

Sebastian aged up on a day I had some serious lag in my game, so no party.

Growing up a bit more slowly than usual.

Uhm… you okay?

Sebastian: I´m Mister Fantastic. Cool!

Looks more like Indiana Jones to me.

Sebastian: Drat.

This is better. He rolled savvy sculptor.

Randolph is visiting.


Casual Saturday morning.

Here´s a better look at Sebastian. His eyes are a bit weird.

No lag, so Scott gets a party. Here we have Stephan, and an uninvited face one party crasher, I had a bit fun with (after I was finished, I discovered, that he will age up in one day, so sadly, it won´t stick).

Stephan is cute.

So is Kyle Mulder.

Blowing out the candles.

Scott: I´m so cool.


He rolled family oriented.

We have enough drinks for everyone.

I totally forgot Scott´s glasses. Let´s just pretend, he´s wearing contacts.

And Crystal is still wearing her wedding gown. Ah, well.

The picture on the right is from Violetta, the one on the left from Mortimer. He definitly is more gloomy than our founder.

Arielle and Liam are performing for tips in the park, when David Ziggfield dies.

Arielle is sad, he was a good friend of her.

I´m also (still) sad, because of RL David dying.

Stoutland seems to try to interest his son in painting.

Stoutland: You really should try it!

Sebastian: Hahaha, no!

In retrospect, he really should have.

Catherine visits out of the blue.


Scott: This person seems familiar. Where have I seen those boobs this face before?

Crystal: That´s my MOM, you doofus!

Scott: My bad. Yes, I can see the resemblance.

(There is none. Crystal is a face clone of Isolde. Although she does have Cathy´s body structure.)

Catherine is chatting with everyone.

We also get an alien visitor but she can stay outside.

Bye, Cathy! You can vistit any time you like, I kind of miss you!

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