113 Magical gnome

Liam is still working on his lifetime wish. Here he summons another gnome. Not to be ungratefull, but we already have a million or so of those.

Crystal on the other hand has mastered three skills and reaches her LTW.

Oh, look, it´s a birthday!

Storm is aging up to a teenager.


She looks a lot like her mum, but she´s not a clone! Yay!

Isolde´s sister Mary came to the pary in a towel. Doesn´t seem to bother her.

Yes, Randolph, the washing machine breaks if you ice-blast it. And now I can´t even make you repair it anymore. Thank you, dear.

Scott goes to Stephan´s house after school. Stephan is absent, but he gets some tutoring from Rowan.

Stoutland ages up to a full adult.


Stoutland: Do you think, I should keep this hair?

Sebastian: Dad. No.

Stoutland: OK, then.

Sebastian: Phew!

Arielle has a sing-a-gram for Miles. He is seriously creepy in the fullmoon light.

Gabby is not.

The massage table is very popular.


Uh, I don´t know, if you should be moving with all those needles in you…

Scott: It´s fine.


Joe: Hey, you got your wings back, Jaron!

Indeed, he did! The wings didn´t show up in Isla Paradiso, but they do now!

Jaron then fished this car out of his pocket and drove off.

Hi, Violetta!

Arielle has a big concert.

The audience is still creepy.

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