114 A wedding

The house is messy and full of people. Whatever could it mean?

It´s Liam´s and Mortimer´s wedding day!

Well, it would be, if they were actually engaged. Which they are not, what I only realized, when I couldn´t click on the wedding arch. Bad simmer. But I can fix that.

Liam: What was I about to say?

Mortimer: I don´t know. Something about diamonds?

Liam: Ah, yes, right, diamonds! On rings!

Mortimer: Huh?

Liam: I have it here, somewhere…

Mortimer: Whatever are you talking about? Did you lose something?

Liam: I mean, will you marry… ooops… marry me? (He´s clumsy, so he fumbled the box).

Mortimer: Oh.

Mortimer: Yes!


So, now they can use the arch. Liam is confused again. His absent-mindedness is really playing up today. Must be nerves.

Liam: I´m so happy, but I don´t know, whyyyyyy…

Mortimer: *deep breath*

Liam: Oh, yes, it´s because of you!

Mortimer: Yes. Now give me your hand, you doofus.





Arielle: Isn´t it romantic??

Scott: Well, about time, I guess. Parents are so embarrassing. Where´s the cake?


Being frisky already. Down, boys!



Scott + Sebastian: Isolde. Has cake. Isolde.

Isolde: Uhm, boys? There´s enough for everyone?

Of course they threw a routing tantrum and didn´t get any.

Isolde: More for me.

Gabby: Weddings are nice and all, but I´m only here for the chickens.

Gabby: *smoooooch*

Gabby: That was nice. I´ll go home now.

Marina stayed for a bit and played basketball with Crystal.


How a fairy can land on her butt is beyond me. Maybe it´s all about balance.



The djinn doesn´t fare any better.

But they had fun.

It was a nice wedding.


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