116 Wedding! And some birthdays

Sebastian gives Scott career advise. I think, that´s a very good idea, but he hasn´t rolled that lifetime wish yet.

So let´s try that wedding thingy again.

They keep route failing on the way to the arch.

Arielle nearly falls off the porch…

… then plays with the dragon… while Stoutland just stands there.

I give up and let them have a private wedding in front of the arch.

It works!


There are no guests anymore, but who cares.





You look happy, Arielle.

Arielle: I am!

That´s the most important thing.

Back at home we have a birthday.

Really serious case of crossed eyes.

Cheering in a line.

That´t wonderful.

Much better.

Mortimer and Stoutland don´t really ever speak to each other, but they often paint together.

Randolph takes a shower in his formal wear. Why not.

Mother and daughter look very much alike, but Storm has her dad´s chin.

Scott also has his birthday. He´s having so much fun.

Scott: Hurray and stuff.

His face got kinda stuck, I think.

Scott: Can I keep…


Another handsome guy.

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