117 Graduation

Liam performing for tips. He always has problems with the fire.

Levitation is fine.

He has a show later that day.


And it works!

Playing video games is very popular.

Crystal and Stoutland are a bit too close for Arielle´s liking.

But she forgives him.

He gets his punishment later that night.



Learned something, Stoutland?

Stoutland: Aliens are bad?


I found this in the family inventory. It must be a wedding present, I think.

It doesn´t really fit in, so back in the inventory it goes. Very generous gift.

Storm has her birthday.

I gave her kleptomaniac, to go with her lifetime wish to become a master thief, which she rolled after our last burglary, I think.

Scott tried to make waffles. You shouldn´t eat those, sweetie.

Scott: But I´m so hungry…

Try the bazillion leftovers in the fridge.

Crystal is still a young adult, because she is a djinn. She actually now looks younger than her own daughter.

Graduation day is done in style this year.

Liam: Hurry up, we´re late!

It doesn´t happen very often that everyone graduates at the same time.



Olaf also graduates. I have my eyes on him, but I think he already has a girlfriend.

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