118 Inconvinient flirting

Arielle swims regularly in the sea to stay a mermaid.

But it´s much easier for me to have a mermaid on a single island. In Isla Paradiso it was really annoying, because they always wanted to swim from one little island to the other.

There´s a sleeping horse in the backyard.

And one at the front door.

I guess, it´s time to clear the caches.

Here we have the „heirs“ of this generation neatly in a row.

I wanted to take more pictures, but Sebastian got hungry and Liam took his place to play videogames. Not funny, guys.

Arielle has an interesting audience at a little show she does.

Arielle: Rowan threw a pizza at me! Such a nice young man!

That „young man“ could be your great-grandfather.

Arielle: But he´s nice nonetheless!

True, I guess.

Here´s a bigger concert.

But I think, she will retire soon.

So, I have a problem. Sebastian and Storm are getting a bit… close.

Friendly hug, ok…

Flirting, not ok…

Goofy looks… really, now.

And talking about boxing gloves. Sure, go on.

Storm has her first day as a criminal. You´re really… inconspicuous. And stuff.

Crystal, what should I do about your daughter? And her wanna-be lover?

Crystal: Shhh! I have to concentrate!

She finally decided on a job, she wants to be an author.

I sent Storm to some lots to find someone else.

What about this one?

Storm: I don´t like him!

Ah, well, he´s married and will be an elder tomorrow anyway.

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