119 Who´s Xena?

Suddenly everyone got this moodlet.

Turns out, this is the culprit – this little guy comes with the musical career, apparentely. Never had one before, so I have to thank Scott for this.

Speaking of Scott – he suddenly rolled the wish to „kiss Xena Martin for the first time“. Now, who is Xena (awesome name btw)?? She shows up in his relationship panel as a pretty good friend, but she´s not a collegue, and I´ve never seen her before. Mmmmh….

Arielle retires.


I never plan this things through, so the little party was at the front door.


Liam needs to perform a bit more to reach his lifetimewish.

Benito shows up at the show so I send Crystal over. Judging by her look, Ziyi Yuan never forgave Crystal for stealing her boyfriend.

The show is spectacular!

Stoutland reaches his lifetime wish.

Liam ages up today. Pity.

Liam: Whut?

*Cough* Never mind.

The first guests arrive. Of course, I also invited Xena! Turns out, she´s a curvy face one, so I played a bit with her in CAS. She´s now a werewolf, because I never had a werewolf toddler. Perhaps getting a bit ahead of myself…

Xena: What have you done to my hair??

Improved it. Anyway, I just changed the colour.

She´s cute, and very responsive to  Scott´s charmes. He gets to fulfill his wish, but the picture looks weird.

So here´s him asking her to be his girlfriend. She says yes!

Now, this is actual a birthday party…

Aww, he doesn´t look thrilled!

But he´s a cute elder.

The guests brought tons of food. Very nice, but I wonder, why.

Here´s Teodor. He seems to be a bit glitched, I can´t invite him to parties, but he usually tags along with Kisa.

Xena stays for a bit and the family is eager to get aquainted.

Scott on the other hand needs to neuroticaly brush his teeth after kissing her.

Scott: Everyone knows, girls have cooties.

How old are you again?

A bit later he exchanges a lot more cooties with her in the photo booth, that I only placed there for this reason. She looks pleased.

Scott: Argh!

So, one partner down, two to go.

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