102 Unexpected addition to the family tree

Happy New Year! Let´s see, what the future holds.

Arielle had this little guy in her inventory, probably from when she went diving in Isla Paradiso.

Arielle does an audition for a gig. Kisa is having a picnic at the location but decides to go home.

Arielle: Pity, I´m a bit peckish.

She plays for tips instead.

The Proprietor who engaged her is more interested in his romance novel though.

It´s fullmoon and Liam is not tired for some reason, so he goes to meet his ancestor.

Who promptly faints.

Liam: Was it something I said?

Nah, just the other ghosts.

There are a lot out tonight.

Nathan enjoys the trampolin.


This town has a nectary. I let her alone for just a minute.

Arielle: I have my first gig this evening.

OK, whatever.

I send the family for moral support.

Wigbald showed up on his own. It´s nice that he sees his daughter´s first show.

Especially, because I got the message, that he died, just a few days later.

Connie reached level ten of the criminal career and her lifetime wish… not. She spent a lot of time outside the household and the game in it´s infinite wisdom decided to put her in the thief branch instead of the evil branch. So she´s a master thief now, not the empress of evil. I kind of never realised. (Bad simmer!).

So I changed her lifetime wish with her points to living in the lap of luxery, sold a few things, and voilá…

I mean, she technically did reach her goal, right?

I like Cake Island.


It´s Liam´s young adult birthday!



Liam: … I can´t eat cake like this.


Liam: Yes. Thanks.

Crystal: That´s a nice table.

Liam rolls no sense of humour. Now he can really bore people to death. Well, sleep.

The cats still love Miles.

So I bought a cowplant.

It makes me nervous.


Will you stop it!

… I think, I will have to sell it again.


Crystal: What am I doing here?

No clue.

Those two have problems. Their low needs doesn´t make it better.

A sunlight charm helps.

This is a cute picture, methinks.



Liam wants to become a master magician like Nathan.

Arielle works on her singer career. She´s pretty good already.

Liam has to work a bit more.

Another birthday! Crystal becomes a teen.

This nice young woman heartfarted Liam. She was a face one, so I changed her face and hair a bit and made her a werewolf.

They have a nice chat.

Depite that, the first thing she does after that party is marrying another guy and having a child with him.

Speaking of… Kisa! Are you… PREGNANT??

Kisa: Jepp.

But… but you already had one! (*checks storyprogression settings*)

Kisa: Don´t care. I want another one.


Well, um, birthday!

Nice hat.

Crystal: …

Looks better, but she´s an Isolde clone. Liam is a clone of Randolph, btw. It´s not so obvious, because of his different complexion.

Kisa, do you want to give birth here??

Kisa: Nah, I´m going to the hospital. Nice party!

It´s a little girl named Marina. Which I found hilarious, because her dad is Theodor Medina from Isla Paradiso.

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