105 Cow plant

Liam: My dad died. I don´t want to get up.

Yes, it´s sad. But I want you to meet someone in the living room.

So, I was playing another save in Sunset Valley, and stumbled across Mortimer Goth. He somehow escaped my attention until now, but he definitely has it now. He´s one of the very few sims, that actually let me do a double take.

So I kidnapped him and added him to the household. First thing he did, was getting eaten by the cow plant. Seriously. I plopped him down, got distracted and next thing I see is him being devoured. I was so flabbergasted, I didn´t even take pictures. Luckily, the plant spat him out again.

So here he is arguing with Connie. This incarnation of Mortimer is grumpy, artistic and ambitious, and also disciplined and eccentric. His lifetime wish is home design hotshot.

Mh-mh, looking good.

Can someone feed the cow plant before any more accidents happen?

Still sad.


It´s Marina´s birthday.

Such a cutie.


Awww, how nice! But I kind of downloaded it from modthesims as a joke.

That´s better. Did I ever mention her traits? She´s good, a light sleeper and now rolled photographer´s eye. Need to get her a camera.

Mary and Crystal seem to be slightly nervous about a very hungry Catherine.

Speaking of Mary, there´s still that picture. Will she finish it??


Arielle meets Rowan, but they don´t seem to be attracted to each other. He´s married again to an old lady, anyway.

Crystal becomes a young adult.

She rolls charismatic. Her lifetime wish is renaissance sim, so she has to reach level 10 at three different skills.

Hi, Randolph!

Teodor will become an elder soon. I don´t want Kisa to lose yet another husband, so he gets a present.


He gets the bumblebee wings! They suit him in a weird way, so he will keep them.

Crystal has her graduation.

For some reason they don´t go home.


Perhaps they know, there´s a horse in the living room. It just runs throught the wall, though.

Liam has a show. Arielle helps him out.

I totally ship those two. Not sure, if they ship each other.

Marina accompanies Desirae (daughter of David and Alia) Ziggfield home after school. Well, Marina goes to her home. Desirae is busy fainting. I don´t even know, who died.

She makes it home and they do homework together, chaperoned by Alia.

And then Connie commited suicide. I don´t know, how to explain it any other way. I checked on her only moments earlier, and all her needs were green, she wasn´t even slightly hungry.

But she grabs for the cake anyway.


Well, that´s more interesting than dying of old age, I guess.


And she´s totally okay with it.

Her family not so much.

Grimmy stays to feed the fish.

Mortimer wants him gone, though.


Goodbye, Connie. You are a mean sim, but a charming one.

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