192 Collecting evidence

I found out, a private eye can take things for „evidence“.

Are your going to take that potty? It looks very suspicious indeed.

Thanatos: Don´t be ridiculous.

*swipes wall light*

Ah, yes, I see. Or don´t see, it´s kind of darker now.

Thanatos:Important evidence.


Daphne has her adult birthday. Time kinda flies.


Thanatos tried to flirt with Eric. He doesn´t seem to be into it.

Eric: I´m a married man!

Aren´t you are always flirting with Sixty-Nine?

Eric: That´s different!

… Whatever you say.

Of course, it´s also Laurel´s birthday.

Isolde turned into an elder when I wasn´t looking.

Doesn´t seem to bother them, but my elders only have 20 days and Catherine will be an adult for a lot longer.

Julius has to throw potions anyway.

For some reason, youth potions always reset the sim throwing them in my game, so I don´t now, how Isolde looks like now. I will have to return to sort her clothes out.

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